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5 Things you need to do before installing solar panels

Having a solar powered panels installed on your roof can cost a bit, almost as much as a car but the benefits far outweigh the installation costs and maintenance. You can use the search term “solar installation Santa Barbara” and get a list of top vendors who specialize in solar power installation. But before you rush off to get those panels installed, you may want to review some of the points posted below.

The roof: Before you place an order for solar panel installation and request a quote from solar power installation firms, you may want to double check your roof and see if it would be able to support a full set of solar panels. A well shaded roof is not going to generate much by way of solar power. So for optimal solar power generation you would need a well exposed roof, preferably one that allows you to optimize power generation. Make sure that you take care of all the roof repairs before the panels go up, so that you would not have to re-install the panels again, in order to repair your roof.

Audit: It makes sense to audit your energy, for your home so that you have a better idea of how much power you and your family use on a daily basis and get a better idea of the bare minimum that the panels need to generate. This should help you to trim those energy bills way down as well as help you optimize power generation from your ‘yet to be installed’ solar panels.

Research: You may want to spend some time analyzing your current needs and determine which kind of solar panels to go for – there are two types, photovoltaic and thermal. The former provides you with electricity to meet your current needs, with zero emission and energy bills, whereas the latter is more equipped to heat air and water, which is perfect for use in winter. So you can opt for either one which is why you need to decide which one you need, prior to ordering an installation of solar panels on the roof.

Net metering: Not every utility company is keen on providing net metering to residents but most do, so you may want to call them up and find out what you need to do, in order to be credited for any excess power generated by your solar panels. A few companies may even send inspectors to inspect your installed panels before approving the connection to the local grid. This process can take a while so make sure that you stay informed of every step of the process that’s involved in setting up net metering.

Due diligence: When searching for “solar power installation Santa Barbara”, you may want to do your due diligence and ensure that the firms have a good reputation and ratings. A better idea would be to check out their reviews and see what other customers had to say about their services, which should help point you in the right direction.