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14 Considerations to Make When Installing Solar Panels on Your Roof

installing solar panels on roof

We live in an age of unending expenses, and everything costs bucks, so why not make careful considerations before it’s too late? Some of our decisions are costly to us as well as our environment. Developments in technology have made it possible to harness the energy and make use of it on an individual level. Many would think about why I should get solar panels.

Solar panels are one of those developments, and many of us know a lot about them. They are an economical source of energy, costing just once but will serve you more than you expect.  These are one of the popular devices which have seen a growth in demand since they have become available.

We know we are in need of installing solar panels and other environmental-friendly energy providers at our homes, workplaces, and other commercial or residential places because in organics cost too much, to us individually and to planet earth. Let’s be mother earth friendly!

But before making the final decision and installing them, make some considerations so as not to regret when you are left with no option but to grieve your loss. We have fifteen tips for you.


1.     Are You in Need of Roof Repair?

Before installing solar panels on the roof, you need to ensure that it is safe for installation. The most crucial factor is the age of your roof; if it is too old or needs roof repairs, then you should work on them first. It would be best if you also considered how long your roof would last.

If its warranty says it will last for ten or twenty years and solar panels have more warranty, then it will cost you more. It is costly because you would have to spend on maintenance later on.

Thus, before you install solar panels, ensure it is safe to do so.

2.     Consideration of Your Roof-Shape

Roofs come in different shapes, and you need to be careful about them. Sometimes it is not feasible to install solar panels on roofs due to the unavailability of the required space. If you believe there is enough space where solar panel installation won’t create any nuisance, then you should go for it.

Safety and feasibility come first; don’t make solar panels a cause of any inconvenience. The direction, layout, and condition of the roof are crucial in this regard and should be appropriately checked if there is an issue.

3.     Slope Directions of Your Roof

Solar panels on the house roof need to be placed at an angle that they are able to generate maximum possible energy. If they are installed at an angle where light doesn’t fall in an adequate amount, then they won’t be able to generate enough amount of electrical energy.

Home orientation plays a key role in determining the amount of energy created, so if you are located somewhere that has inadequate sunlight issues, then you shouldn’t go for installing solar panels on the house roof.

4.     Strength of Your Roof

There are many problems with solar panels on the house roof, which may create a big mess, and one of them is weak roofs. If your roof doesn’t have enough strength to bear the weight of solar panels, then it is risky for you to install them there. Solar panel installation requires care, and if you neglect the prerequisites, then it may result in unwanted losses.

If your roof can handle the weight of solar panels and is able to remain stable in case of any winds or cyclones, then it is recommended to install them.

5.     Consideration of Water Flow

Before the solar panel installation, you must consider where your water would be going. When solar panels are installed, there are wires and racks that may hurdle the free flow of water from roofs in case of rains.

 If there is a problem in the drainage of water from the roof, then it may be potentially harmed. There are chances that water flow directions are changed by solar panels, and this may cause leakage.

The roof should be thoroughly checked for these issues. If there are any loopholes that may cause potential harm to the roof, then proper changes and repairs should be made.

6.     Consideration of Natural Surprises and Their Impacts

You just do not need to install solar panels; rather, they need proper maintenance. If there is no maintenance, then they are of no use. There may come many natural surprises like hail, hurricanes, storms, cyclones, etc.

There are chances of damage to solar panels on the house roof, so there should proper cautionary measures are taken to avoid any harm to panels as well as house inmates.

Though insurance covers any harms caused, but one needs to be careful because sometimes some losses are not recoverable. If you are living in an area where there are frequent occurrences of such events, then special safety installations should be made.


7.     Connection to the Grid

It would be best if you also considered the connection to the local or personal grid before solar panel installation. The factors that need to be considered are:

  1. ·     Cost of connection to the grid
  2. ·      Feasibility of connection to the grid
  3. ·       Any fee for connection
  4. ·      The credit you will be given for providing energy to the grid.

You need this information from the department concerned before installing solar panels on the roof. If it is of no benefit, then you should rethink the idea.

8.     Looking for Quality Product

Quality is one of the most important factors to be considered before installing solar panels on the roof. If you haven’t looked around in the market for quality products and have just visited a single place, then it may cause you losses. Instead of saving money and time during shopping, you should think of the long-term impacts of this decision.

Customer satisfaction and the reputation of the manufacturers should be considered.

9.     Trusted Contractor

Quotes should be taken from right contractors, and the most reliable shall be given the task. While signing the contract, one should look for:

·        The costs

·        Financial impacts

·        Quality and Performance

·        Those who will use the energy produced

If there is no clear description of the above-mentioned terms, then proper changes should be made to the contract. The contractor’s previous track record shall also be analyzed. Accreditation from authorities would be a plus.

10. Considering Price, Is Cheaper Long-Lasting?

While installing solar panels on the roof, one should keep the price in mind, but that mustn’t compromise quality. Cheaper solar panels are often not long-lasting, so that they may leave you in the dark. Durability comes with quality, and quality requires bucks, so you don’t need to be miser. Spend carefully (in both senses)!

11. Warranties. Yeah, Consider them too!

Warranties help you invest in a secure way. You can hold the manufacturer or dealer accountable if there is any problem. Thus, you won’t have to bear additional costs. There are various types of warranties, which include panel warranty, inverter warranty, installation warranty, etc. So be sure about all this before installing solar panels on the roof. 

12. Insurance and Endurance!

We are often careless unless something wrong happens to us. Insurance should be considered before solar panels are installed. There are chances that some problems may be created during the installation or after that, so be careful to insure it. Insurance is also required in legal regulations, certifications, requisites for rebates, etc. So before taking the final step, all needed resources should be contacted.

13. Considering Rebates

Solar panel installation costs much, and therefore many states offer subsidies and rebates on their total costs. Before the work starts, ask the contractor if there are any rebates offered by the city or state. Governments want citizens to shift to environment-friendly energy resources, so savings are offered up to one-third of the actual costs.

14. DIY, Risks, and Benefits

Though some people may try it themselves, it isn’t always the job of DIYers. If you’re not an expert, then there are chances that you may make a mess of the wiring, do something that may lead to a leaky roof, or your work might not comply with the safety standards.



Installing solar panels on the roof needs intricacy and care, so you need to be careful about any potential pitfall. Take into consideration all factors stated above and get qaulity solar energy panels & installation services.