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Everything you need to know about Solar trackers

There are several unique ways through which you can not only install but also design solar tracking controls because most of the solar panel tracker is designed in such a way so that they can be mounted along with the solar panels, so companies are looking to manufacture solar tracking control systems which are capable to complement all type of solar panel trackers. Solar panel trackers are considered one of the most acknowledged methods through which one can easily maximize the production of solar energy.

The polar tracking control systems are generally available for both residential and commercial use and that is why most of these solar panel tracking systems are designed for structures so that they can be mounted with the help of solar panels. It is also known as one of the most customized methods for which you can easily maximize and customize solar energy.

Difference between the single axis and dual-axis solar tracker control systems

The major difference between both of the solar tracker control systems is their ability to produce solar electricity by moving the panels in order to have optimized energy received by the solar panel radiations and that is why solar track control systems are designed in such a way so that they can be used for maximizing the solar energy system in order to produce best possible solar energy and also to minimize the angle in order to have best possible light striking on perpendicular to the surface of solar panels.

When a solar tracking system is installed then one of the most important things which are always considered is to look at the sunlight angle which is incident on the solar panel so that these Rays can be converted into incoming electricity and with the help of that the more energy will produce by using best possible options such as a photovoltaic panel.

Difference between active and passive solar trackers

The major difference between both the type of solar trackers is their angle because most of the tracking systems are generally considered as active tracking system which is generally used to provide the energy city not just to the Motors but also to other mechanical devices that are generally attached with solar panels right away however the passive solar trackers are considered as those type of trackers which are used to add extra energy source such as warming a gas or producing mechanical movement for solar panels.

Pros and cons of solar trackers

The biggest benefit of the solar tracking system is their effectiveness to boost the production of electricity because most of the solar panel systems are used and installed in such a way so that they can gain performance up to 35% but these solar tracker systems unable and enhance the solar energy power up to at least 10% more than the actual percentage so it is extremely important to dramatically increase the solar energy system.

But, at the same time, it has some disadvantages because it tends to have a lot of maintenance and installation cost which can cost extra money apart from the installation of solar panel system along with that it can be extremely complex technology as it contains lots of moving parts which also leads to increase in the maintenance and overall installation cost of the solar tracking systems.

Is a solar tracking system worth its cost?

There is literally no doubt about the fact that a rooftop installation has much lesser cost as compared to dedicated space installation which makes it extremely preferable especially for the homeowners who are looking for solar energy systems but because of that one can also include solar trackers which can ultimately increase the sunlight. Thus, producing much more electricity production and that is why people prefer to have a solar tracking system inside the home so that they can maximize the production of electricity but at the same time it can cost extra charges as tracking system can cause extra maintenance and installation but most of the residents look for solar tracker systems especially in the commercial projects because in commercial projects most of the solar panel generally require extra MW energy which can be complemented with the help of solar tracker.