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Solar Tracker System

Solar panels have made our lives easier. Renewable sources of energy are the way to the future now. Electricity is not only becoming expensive but also polluting the air. People are more inclined towards adopting solar panels along with solar tracker system within their homes or businesses, to work much better. Solar Earth INC. will help you with a solar tracker system that will be beneficial.  

A solar tracker is a system that positions an object at an angle relative to the sun. An object here is mostly a solar panel so that they remain perpendicular to the sun’s rays and is positioned space telescope so that it can determine the sun’s direction. These solar trackers adjust the directions of the solar panel according to the position of the sun in the sky. Even if you are having a cloudy day or a dusty day, you don’t need to worry about producing electricity.  

 The solar tracker controller keeps the solar panels in a perpendicular position to the sun which helps much sunlight strike the solar panels and less light is reflected. Lower the amount of reflection, more energy is absorbed. This absorbed energy is then converted into power that we use as electricity.  

Solar tracking usually uses a complex instrument to determine the location of the sun. Typically, computers are used to process these complicated algorithms that enable the system to track the sun and find its exact location. When these sensors are attached to a solar panel with a simple circuit board, they can track the sun without the need for computers.

Residential Solar Tracker

Solar tracker systems provide significant advantages for renewable sources of energy. Residential solar panels produce more power when they are perpendicular to the sun as compared to the one that is not perpendicular to the sun. Sun regularly changes north to south seasonally and east to west daily. As a result of which tracking East to West is important while North to South tracking is less significant.

With the residential solar tracker, power output can be increased up to 30 to 40%. This increase in power promises to open new markets for solar power. A solar tracker helps to track the sun in the sky with much more authenticity and produce more electricity, but we cannot ignore several disadvantages attached to these solar trackers.

A static solar panel may have a warranty of decades and require little maintenance. While solar trackers have shorter warranties and require much more maintenance and actuators to move the panel. Solar Earth INC. is one of the best solar tracker companies that offer you pocket-friendly installation costs and more energy to recover your investment within a shorter period.

One of the issues with rooftop solar panels on residents is reflection. Much of the sunlight is reviewed and reflected away and therefore cannot be harvested in productivity properties. It is beneficial if you install solar trackers to any ground or pole-mounted solar systems to optimally track the movement of the sun in the sky throughout the day or year.

Solar Tracker Price

As solar panels are more efficient at making energy when they are positioned directly towards the sun, solar trackers increase the amount of that solar energy you can generate each day. This means with more energy restored, an abundance of electricity is generated for your house. While solar trackers are majorly used for large solar farm areas and desert solar projects, they are now beginning to be used in the official residential market.

There is no doubt that solar trackers increase the production of electricity but we cannot ignore that solar trackers can greatly increase the cost of photovoltaic solar installation. Solar trackers are quite expensive because of their complex technologies and moving parts necessary for their operations. They also depend upon the size and location of the project. As it requires more expertise, more wiring, and more labor it increases the cost.

Solar Earth INC. offers you the most affordable solar trackers for sale. You can get a pocket-friendly package for the installation of solar panels along with solar trackers if you need them. Tracking systems offer you a great amount of energy output as compared to fixed solar arrays as they follow the sun’s momentums. Eco-flow solar tracker will be a great option out of many.

As they produce more energy during peak hours, much more complexity requires much more price for that. It is beneficial in the areas which depend upon the time of use electricity rates as you do not have to pay for grid energy when it is most expensive.

Single Axis Solar Tracker and Dual Axis Solar Tracker

Solar tracker has numerous kinds like  

  • Manual Solar Tracker  
  • Passive Solar Tracker  
  • Active Solar Tracker  
  • Single Axis Solar Tracker  
  • Dual Axis Solar Tracker  

The single-axis solar tracker follows the position of the sun as it moves from East to West. These are most handy in utility-scale projects. It can increase the production of electricity by between 25% to 35%.

Dual-axis solar tracker not only tracks the sun as it moves from East to West but also follows the sun as it moves from North to South. These are more common in residential areas and in small commercial solar projects that have limited space. The reason for this is that they can produce enough power to meet their energy needs. You can get better energy with a limited amount.

Solar Earth INC. offers the best solar tracking services and helps you determine what kind of solar tracker is best for your house and environment. If you include a single-axis tracking system on the same array, it will increase the cost up to about $20,000. On the other hand, a dual-axis tracking system would cost even more that is around $26,000. This is double the cost of the entire fixed ground-mounted system.

Unlike fossil fuels, this energy is safe and clean. It prevents the destruction of habitats and combats climate change. A solar tracker DIY will take a lot of energy and your time. Depending on experts will help you get the better of the solar tracker services to save your long-term investment and reduce the pressure on the DIY solar tracker.

Automatic Solar Tracker

An automatic solar tracker is a mechanized system to track the sun’s position that is responsible for increasing the power output of solar panels. The unique feature of this system is that instead of taking earth as its reference it chooses the sun as its reference. It increases the efficiency of solar panels by keeping the solar panels aligned with the rotating sun.

Solar panels cells depend upon the intensity of the sunlight and the angle of incidence. Sometimes because of the weather conditions, it is difficult to determine the position of the sun. An automatic solar tracking system was made as a prototype to solve the problem of sun tracking. It helps activate the sensors in the solar panels to monitor the sunlight and rotate the solar panels in the direction of the sunlight.

Even if it is cloudy, the systems keep rotating the solar panel in the opposite direction to the rotation of the earth. The best part about it is that you can rotate the solar panels as per your desired angle. We offer you the installation of an automatic drafting system at affordable prices and consider your requirements as well.

Our experts have enough potential to help you install and build a tracking system with strength, enforcement, and advanced hydrofluoric motion. We offer the technological advantage to increase the output of energy up to 40%. We also offer sustainable financial criteria for your ease.

solar tracker system arduino

Solar Tracker Arduino

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based upon easy-to-use hardware and software. Solar tracker Arduino is designed to have two degrees of freedom from east to West by the left-right servomotor and from South to North by the up Down Servomotor. These are based on highly complex and technical-scientific instruments.

There are sensors placed on Arduino solar trackers in the four corners of the PV panel and they are put in dark tubes with a small hole on the top to detect the illumination of the sun. These structures generate more electricity than their stationary counterparts as they are directly exposed to the solar rays. This increase can be up to 10 to 20% depending upon the geographic location of the tracking system.

All kinds of supplies that are used in the tracking system come in handy with a solar tracker kit. Solar Earth INC. monitors and controls energy production with the help of the most reliable and sophisticated solar tracker kit that is durable and productive. It helps you increase the efficiency of production by giving you much more trust in the process.

These kits can provide you with remote source devices such as a router, access point, ordinary wall switches, and insulation toolkits. You can trust these kits as you can trust an expert. It is better if you choose our services for your solar tracking system to increase the value of your house as well as to produce much more electricity within the minimum period.

Are solar tracking systems worth the money?  

Solar tracking systems are best for commercial buildings but if you go for residential buildings, it is not a good investment because of the small area. However, you can get much more productive energy in return for heavy investment.  

How does the solar tracker work?  

These trackers work by adjusting the angle of the solar panels to optimize the solar efficiency according to the time of the day or the year.