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Commercial Solar Power Systems Installation

Owning your own Solar System makes so much financial sense. Free Electricity from Sun Power, great incentive from The Government 26% Tax Credit, 80% Depreciation payback period is just a few years. Finance payments can be less than your current Electric Bills from either PG&E; or Southern California Edison.

Best Solar Panels for your work place

All of our Commercial 72 Cell Panels are manufactured in the USA

How commercial solar power systems reduce your electricity bill?

Solar Earth, Inc offers commercial solar power installations which harness the energy of the sun. The panels are usually mounted on the roof, a ground mount, or over a parking lot, whichever is convenient. On a large project, Solar Trackers are generally installed. “See the Solar Tracker page” The solar cells get charged and send the power to the inverter which in turn converts the DC power to AC power. Commercial inverters have many power levels i.e. from 2.5kW to 250kW, which is made to suit up to any commercial application. There is always a minimized power loss during the conversion process in the single and three phase products because of the line voltage auto detection.

Power then further travels to the electrical service panel where it gets distributed to the electrical loads. The excess power which is produced by the solar panel flows into the grid, which is through the electric meter. This results are, your meter to run backwards which further helps your business in getting a credit with the utility company.

Paying substantial amounts of money to your Electricity Supplier, is equivalent to throwing money down a Black Hole.