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Roof or Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Solar panels have made our life a lot easier. Once you have your solar panels picked out, it is time to decide which mounting system is best for your budget and living space. There are two types of solars mounting options, one is roof mounting and the other is ground mounted solar panels racking systems.  

There are drawbacks and benefits attached to both of these and both have their own merits, depending upon the project. Solar Earth INC. is a solar panel company that will help you dive deeper into what kind of solar panel will be best for you. Roof mount systems affix to brackets on your roof while ground mounted solar panels are built into the foundation at ground level. Roof mounts are less expensive and have less room on your property while ground mounts take up more space but they are easier to install and repair.  

With ground mounted solar panels, you get control over the orientation of your array to maximize your production of electricity. Ground mounted solar panels have stronger racking overall and the system is not confined to the roof only. It is easy to access and clean and easier troubleshooting, however the permitting process is more expensive and takes up real estate.  

On the other hand, roof mounted solar panels are less expensive and require few materials to install while it can be a hassle if you need to replace the roof within the panel’s lifetime. It has harder troubleshooting errors. Select solar panels with the help of our experts.  

Do Ground Mounted Solar Panels Need Planning Permission?

Ground mounted solar panels can be easily installed in any place on your property that has sufficient exposure to the sunlight. The panels can be placed anywhere from a few inches to a few feet from the ground, depending upon the setup of the racking system. When you require the installation of ground-mounted solar panels up to 9 square meters, it will not require permission. If the solar panel system is taller than four meters and more than one ground-mounted system can be present in any 1 building, this needs permission.  

Solar Earth INC. makes you understand the fact that planning permission is part of your process if you go for ground mounted solar panels. Standalone solar equipment should be sited to minimize the amenity of the area. When the equipment is no longer needed it should be removed as soon as practicable. Further limits must be met  

  • Further installation other than the first standalone solar installation will require planning permission  
  • Installation should be at least five meters above the property  
  • The panel should not be installed within the boundaries of the listed building or monument  
  • If you live in a World Heritage site, no part of the solar installation should be nearer to any highway bounding.  

If you are a leaseholder, then in that case you also may need permission from your landlord, freeholder, or management company. This solar panel system should only be used for residential purposes that are not used for conducting business.

How much do Ground Mounted Solar Panels Cost?

When you think of solar energy, usually a picture of black boxes on your roof comes to your mind. However solar panels can be installed on any type of surface. Ground mounted solar panels are a great option when you have a large enough piece of land that is not covered with any shadows. With ground installation, you can install solar panels with ideal tilt and orientation for maximum sunlight.  

If you start comparing the cost of the ground mounted solar panels system or roof top systems for your home, you can find out that ground-mounted systems are much more costly than roof-mounted systems. Ground mounted solar panels cost more, as they are designed with an orientation and tilt angles that will maximize capturing the sunlight.  

There is no doubt that ground mounted solar panels are much more productive and increase energy production with a tracking mechanism all day long. You can increase your electricity output and save electricity bills without adding more panels. Ground-mounted systems need more wiring since they must be located far enough to avoid any shadow cast by your homes.  

In ground mounted solar panels, the support must be constructed before installation. The height of this structure can range from a few inches above the ground to several feet tall. You require much labor expertise and materials for installation. However, the cost of ground mounted solar panels is high, they assure a return on your investment within no time. 

Ground Mounted Solar Panels
How to Install Ground Mounted Solar System?

Ground mounted solar panels should be installed on a surface where there is no restriction for capturing the sunlight. When these are not properly installed, they can cause you major difficulties, in the long run, affecting your investment as well. The proper process to install DIY ground mounted solar panels include Five steps.  

It is a preliminary step to choosing the best spot in your garden to maximize your solar production for ground-mounted solar panels. Solar panels love direct sunlight and hate shading. A shaded solar panel produces 10 times less energy than if fully exposed to sunlight. Once you find an appropriate spot for installation, choose the best place on your property and design and build the structure to support your solar panels.  

Solar panels will last for at least 25 years. Your structure should last that long as well. As you need better material for your structure, the cost of ground-mounted solar panels can be high. Once the proper design is ready, mount your solar panels on the ground structure and connect your solar panels to your inverter for a better source of electricity. Proper repairs and maintenance for your ground-mounted solar panels are required on a timely basis.  

Proper ground mounted solar panel kits are used. If left unmaintained and unchecked, the wiring may rot or there may be some other issue. Solar Earth INC. provides you with the best solar panel installation of ground-mounted solar panels with the minimum cost of installation as well as wiring and welding machines. Ultimate solar panel maintenance is your job. 

Residential Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Ground mounted solar panels are best to use for residential areas as they have much more space to occupy the sunlight to produce electricity. Wind loads when attached and placed on the exterior of ground-mounted solar panels will set an angle at which the wind strikes the solar panels, increasing their efficiency. A pressure of force will be generated that will produce wind loads on ground mounted solar panels and store it for a longer period by capturing more sunlight.  

No matter what kind of solar system you’re considering, it is true that every solar array works best when it gets possible sunlight. If you live in the United States, you are north of the equator so the sun leans on the South as the earth rotates. Ground mounted solar panels California should face towards the South of the equator. In this way, they can be more efficient to face the sun getting the perfect alignment.  

Ground mount systems can face in the direction you want. You can align your system at the optimal angle so it can point directly to the sun to capture more heat. There is no doubt that ground-level systems are most efficient as they maximize access to the sunlight that powers the array. Being raised off the ground allows for better airflow and cooling which means your panel produces more energy as well.  

Ground mount solar panels for homes make your house much more efficient and the value of a property increases. Semiconductors suffer greater resistance to the flow of electricity. Proper airflow in cooling keeps your panels running in optimal condition giving an advantage over roof-mounted racking. 

Ground Mounted Solar Panels Were The Tracking Capabilities:

If you’re considering a ground mounted solar panel installation you might also consider installing a tracking system so that your panels follow the sun across the sky no matter what kind of weather conditions are. Solar trackers are a device that orients a payload toward the sun. These payloads are usually the panels.  

Solar trackers help you maximize solar production by following the sun throughout the day. These are usually used in commercial installation or other large ground-mounted arrays. It maximizes your electricity production by moving your panels throughout the day and optimizing the angle of incidence. These are typically not used in residential solar projects but large utility-scale areas.  

With the help of these tracking capabilities, your ground mounted solar panels work more efficiently whether it is at night. However, they make your solar panel’s price increase more as they are advanced in their makeup and function. It has high installation and maintenance costs. More complex structures require more costs over time and more increased efficiency.  

Solar Earth INC. offers you ground mounted solar systems with tracking capabilities to provide higher power output and increase the efficiency that might be worse than investment. These tracking systems are commonly used in ground-mounted solar panels as they are heavy and the roof cannot bear their weight. You can also use your mobile phones or computers to track your system. Choose the best for your home. 

What Is The Most Efficient Ground Mounted Solar Tracker?  

It depends upon several factors such as the type of the solar tracker and where it is located. The size of the solar panel system in which it is operating is also necessary to know.  

Are Solar Loans Available For Ground Mounted Solar Panels?  

Solar Earth INC. offers you considerable solar panel financing rates in which you can purchase the ground-mounted solar system if you are running a few bucks low on the prices. The initial cost can be expensive and the solar panel maintenance costs can also add up.