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Moving Solar Panels - Getting Convenient Solutions

Moving solar panels is the trending innovation in the world of solar energy production. They are more efficient in comparison to traditional, static solar panels. Solar Earth Inc. Brings you some interesting facts.

Moving solar panels, also known as tracking solar panels, are a type of solar panel system that move throughout the day to follow the sun’s movement across the sky. This allows the panels to capture more sunlight and generate more electricity than fixed solar panels, which are mounted in a fixed position and do not move.

Types Of Moving Solar Panels

There are two main types of solar panel tracking systems: single-axis and dual-axis. 

Single-axis system moves the panels on a single plane, usually from east to west, to track the sun’s movement across the sky.¬†

Dual-axis system moves the panels on two planes, allowing them to also tilt and adjust their angle to capture the most sunlight.

How Do Moving Solar Panels Works?

Moving solar panels is those solar panels that can rotate kept track of the solar light. It will change its direction, keeping in view the intensity of sunlight. Its direction will be the one where there is more sunlight, and it can get maximum energy. Moving solar panels is aided by a solar sun tracker which serves as a sensor for changing the direction. 

These are automatic tilting solar panels that ensure that there is no problem with power supply due to less light. In usual cases, we note that there is a great problem due to the supply of light and sometimes the direction of intense light is opposite of where the solar panels are faced. This is the gravest problem that makes solar panels inefficient in many cases.

But the problem has been solved to a great extent by sun-tracking commercial solar panel systems. This system uses different types of technologies that measure the intensity of sunlight and makes the solar panels rotate in the direction where there is maximum availability of light. Moving solar panels is usually designed from the ground because of their ability to move. They are not relatively feasible with roofs etc.

Solar sun tracker ensures that energy is produced throughout the day and there is no problem, due to the low intensity of light. Based on the needs of the users, they can choose solar panels of their choice. If they are sure that their solar panels are fine without solar trackers and produce enough energy, then they don’t need to install the tracker. If this is not the case, then they must go for it.

Solar Sun Trackers

Sun tracking solar panel is an advanced form of solar panel which is installed with sun trackers. These are the devices that work mainly based on the intensity of solar light. If it is enough, it will keep the solar panel static. If the case is the opposite, then it will make the solar panel move in the direction where the intensity is maximum.

It optimizes the orientation of the solar panel. These trackers can be used for both commercial and residential solar projects. Their greatest benefit is the enhancement of energy production. They almost double the amount of energy produced. It determines the amount of light striking the solar panel by keeping in view the bottom part of it. This is done to ensure that both upper and lower parts of the solar panel receive the optimum amount of sunlight.

There are two types of solar trackers. One of them is called a single axis, while the other is a dual-axis solar tracking system. As evident from the names, a single axis tracker ensures that the solar panel moves in one direction. This is usually the north-south axis. On this axis, the solar panels can move from east to west. Thus, the solar panel is able to get enough energy.

In the dual axis system, the solar panel is set to move in two axes. These are the north-south and east-west. This tracker is much more sophisticated in comparison to the first one. It will not only keep directions in focus but also the seasonal changes. This makes it the perfect fit for different seasons, and you will be able to get maximum energy throughout the year.

Benefits of Moving Solar

Increased energy production: 

By following the sun, moving solar panels can capture more sunlight and generate more electricity. This can result in a significant increase in the overall efficiency of the solar panel system.

Reduced shading: 

Moving solar panels can reduce the shading that occurs when other structures or trees block the sun. This helps to increase the efficiency of the system further.

Space savings:

Moving solar panels can save space by eliminating the need for multiple rows of fixed solar panels. This is because a single row of moving solar panels can generate the same amount of electricity as multiple rows of fixed solar panels.

The Final Word

Moving solar panels are the best option in comparison to static solar panels. They will not only save you money but will also bring you the benefit of guaranteeing the fulfillment of energy needs round the clock.

Moving solar panels can be a convenient solution for those who want to maximize their solar energy production. Still, they require more maintenance and are more expensive than fixed solar panels.

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