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Residential Solar Power Systems Installation

There are many steps that need to be followed for the residential solar power installation. After choosing the best option for yourself, you can jot down the steps for you to understand which solar panel installation of Santa Barbara will work the best for you. We are among the best solar companies Santa Barbara and will take the necessary steps for the correct installation of solar energy power at your home. We follow the basic steps initially and suggest you with the best of the lot.

1.Investigate your house’s energy efficiency

Before starting the process of installation, we investigate the energy use of the homeowners and consider necessary upgrades. We first become well-aware of the total electricity consumption and proceed with the low-cost and easy-to-implement efficiency measures: –

We explore the following usages to reduce the electricity consumption:-

  • Home energy audits – An audit will help us to understand where there is useless consumption and what steps can be taken to reduce it
  • Electronics and appliances – We consider seeing how many electronic and appliances are there that consume electricity and how can they be replaced with high efficient products
  • Lightening – We suggest the homeowners shift to energy-saving LED bulbs to save more energy
  • Cooling and heating – If you use the cooling or heating technology for your home then your needs will affect the amount of energy that is required

2. Access the solar potential

We eventually access the amount of solar energy that can be produced at that concerned locality. PV technologies generally use both the scattered and direct technology to create the electricity. The amount of power that is created by the solar panels depends on how much sunlight that area receives and the size of the system. We use various mapping services and tools to decide about on how much solar energy is received by that area, calculate the system size and the potential cost and savings that are associated with it.

These tools are highly efficient and can ascertain whether your home is suitable for solar energy or not and then follow the best path that would be benefitting you. While they are very helpful but they purposely don’t account all the variables that are required to install the system. For this, you would be required to talk to our installer for accurate assessment of the potential energy consumption

3. Access the options of using the solar panel

Purchasing a system is no longer the only option that you should consider. Even a rented home can have solar energy and we provide customized programs that will enable the homeowner to access the benefit of solar panel

4.Discuss with you your solar electricity needs

We review your annual electricity bills to determine the needs. We also help you in considering if you need to add some of your electricity needs with the current solar electricity

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