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Ring Solar Panel Installation

Ring Solar Panel Installation

Ring Solar panels are the most promising option to recharge your spotlight camera and Stick-Up camera batteries. When used in coexistence with the Ring security system, these solar ring panels deliver constant monitoring without the requirement to change the batteries.  A few hours of sunlight a day is sufficient to power your security camera system. This solar panel is a must-have accomplice for the Ring Spotlight and Stickup camera batteries. 

Features will be shedding information.


  • ✔Manual Installation 
  • ✔Extension Cable
  • ✔Instructions
  • ✔Mounting Options
  • ✔Ring Super Solar Panel

Ring Solar Panel Installation Manual

One ring solar panel is enough for one camera and it will keep the camera running for the whole day, and keep your camera active at night so easy steps to install a ring panels are down below.


  • ✔Count your cameras and each camera requires one solar
  • ✔Charge the battery
  • ✔Download the ring app
  • ✔Select a place where there is sunlight to install a ring solar
  • ✔Drill holes in arm’s length distance
  • ✔Put the mounting arm
  • ✔Place your panels by moving the weatherproof sheet of mount
  • ✔Press the button and insert the batteries.
  • ✔Now adjust the mount in your camera
  • ✔Unplug the rubber plug out of the hole in the mounting plate. You may need to move the mounting plate into the space at        the back of the spotlight camera until it clicks into place.
  • ✔Install the solar panel charging cable in the spotlight cam
  • ✔Now, attach the charging cable from your ring solar panel to the power connector on the spotlight camera. Then remove         the center plug.
  • ✔Then insert the snap ring barrel charging cable into the power connector on the spotlight camera.

Note : While placing and installing the solar take safety precautions. Well, the solar panel from Ring can work even during cloudy circumstances as well. Nonetheless, it will still be better for you to avoid shady places.

Will the Ring Solar Panel Be Waterproof?

Yes, the Ring Solar Panel is, indeed, waterproof. In addition to this, it can repel snow and dirt as well. You can clear them by wiping the exterior of the panel with a small piece of cloth.

Make sure to maintain the cleaning session for at least twice a week, especially during the season of winter. It, in turn, will help in keeping the solar panel in perfect condition

Ring Solar Panel Extension Cable

It’s a DC Extension Cable that is specially designed for the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Solar Panel to extend the connection between your Solar Panel and Ring Spotlight Cam Battery. It is waterproof and it also extends long, but you can also extend the cable if needed. Cables are now waterproof as well and are heavy duty so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged.


Well while buying the ring solar one should keep in mind where they should be set up. Itcomes with a weather-resistant barrel connector making it easy and reliable throughout any weather. Also, check the batteries and camera and mounts as well as the place of installation. while installing the panels you should have seen the distance from the home, building, and height in mind.

Ring Solar Panel Mount

If you are mounting the Spotlight Cam Ring Solar Panel on brick, concrete, or any kind of surface, but the included plastic anchors into the holes. You may need to use a hammer to get the anchors in. If you are mounting the bracket on wood or vinyl, just use the included screws. Put the Mount at arm’s length Secure the mounting arm to the wall with the included screws.

Can A Ring Solar Panel Give Power Two Cameras?

In essence, the Ring Solar Panel is pretty powerful and efficient. Thus, it can power more than one camera at a time. However, the charging speed will, naturally, be reduced a little bit. But, hopefully, that will not be an issue for you.

Mounting options: Mounts monitors that can be adjusted are a must for ring panels.

The adjustable mounting bracket includes the ring solar panel.

This permits you to manipulate the ring panel’s angle and orientation to the sun, and can be mounted high for more sunshine exposure.

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Ring Super Solar Panel

Ring Solar Panel Installation

To keep your Stickup Cam Battery (2nd and 3rd generations) and Spotlight Cam Battery charged 24/7 with just a few hours of sunlight every day. Connect the Super Solar Panel to your device with the included cable, place it in a sunny spot, and enjoy nonstop power and security.

The Difference between Ring Solar Panel and Super Solar Panel

Well, both are designed to provide power for charging the Ring Stick Up Cam and Spotlight Cam. Both have their perks. both of them save you power, but one is better than another

Now the question is “Which product is the right choice?”

So to decide this we have two points

Several Motion Events Per Day:

So if you have installed a Ring device in an area that detects more events every day than average (defined as 10 or more events per day) then your battery will drain faster and require more power or restoration more often.

So to make sure you have a great backup battery setup.

Your Solar Environment:

Warmer temperatures and areas that get less rain and cloud cover will get more kWh of solar energy per day than rainier or cloudier areas. In such areas, having a larger solar panel may be a necessity for powering your Ring device.

Keeping this in mind will suggest you go for a super ring solar panel. Yes, it will cost you a couple of extra bucks, but why not spend now rather than later on restoration? This is the best form of hi tech generator for cameras as they also work well In shade. 

Furthermore, to make your decision easy we would recommend talking to our professionals.

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The ring solar is perfectly compatible with both the security cameras of the Ring. Thus, it should be an added bonus for you. We would still ask you to consider all of your options and try to opt for something that suits you perfectly. However, the it is definitely a bang for the buck.