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“Michael, I just wanted to thank you for the good job you did for me when you coordinated the design and installation of our solar electric system. I am so glad that the change was made to install it on the upper roof instead of the lower area that would have been a much easier installation. But now I still have access to the area where we hang the Christmas lights. The job was done quickly and the crew did a complete job of cleaning up.

As you know from our previous conversations we ended up with a lower total cost than the first bid that I got from one of your competitors. The purchase was made easy when we combined it with our home refinance. And we used the mortgage broker that you recommended.

Since we have had the solar system I have calculated the savings in our electric bill and we will be saving about $1200 a year. Our monthly bills used to range from $79 to $150 a month and now it is just the $10 base cost.

So, as long as the sun keeps shining we will continue to feed electricity to the grid and not worry about a big electric bill.”