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Sun Tracking Solar Panels System

Solar panels have changed the world entirely. You can install it on your roof or mount it on the grounds as per your needs. The more efficiently they are generating electricity by converting sunlight, the more reliable your investment is. There are many unique ways to design a solar panel system for your property to utilize solar power in a better way. If you are considering ground-mounted solar panel installation, you might consider a solar tracking system to allow your panel to follow the sun across the sky.  

Sun Tracking Solar Panels System Intro

tracking solar panel


Tracking solar panels system allow solar panels to follow the sun’s path in the sky to efficiently store much sunlight. It maximizes your solar system electricity production by moving your solar panels throughout the day. It specifically optimizes the angle at which your solar panels will receive solar radiation. You need to only trust the experts if you are installing solar tracking systems.  

Solar Earth INC. is a reputable company with a great portfolio and efficient service providers. We help you track sunlight in a better way. Solar trackers are typically used for ground-mounted solar panels. It is also used for freestanding solar installations like solar trees.Tracking solar panel systems are mostly used in residential solar projects but also have a place in utility-scale and commercial and industrial solar sectors.  

A solar tracker determines how well the solar panel can convert the incoming light into electricity by providing them a firm angle at which the sun’s rays meet the surface of the solar panel known as the “angle of incidence”.

Types of Tracking Solar Panels

The narrower the angle of the incidence, the more energy a photovoltaic panel can produce. Residential areas are much inclined towards adapting solar tracking systems.  

There are two main types of tracking solar panels systems  

  • single-axis solar trackers  
  • dual-axis solar trackers  

A single-axis tracker moves your solar panel on one axis only usually aligned with North and South. These single-axis tracking solar panel systems increase the efficiency of your system without having you install many solar panels. These setups allow your solar panels to track the sun as it rises and sets. Despite its high upfront cost, single-axis solar trackers can increase your solar efficiency enough to quickly make up for the expenses. It is important to install it on a flat land area that is generally warm and dry.  

Dual axis solar trackers on the other hand allow your panels to move on two axes, aligned both North-South and East-West. This tracking system for solar panels is designed to maximize your solar energy collection throughout the year by using algorithms and sensors that help you track seasonal variation. You can track the height of the sun in addition to the normal daily motions very easily.  

It is not a very popular option for solar installations even for large utility-scale projects. However, they are much more appropriate for commercial properties having limited commercial rooftop space for solar panels to be installed. They can produce up to 45% more energy than any typical static panel and can help businesses to produce enough power to fuel their operations in a small space.  

Tracking Solar Panel System Price

Tracking solar panel systems cost is more compared to the cost of solar panels and additional labor and maintenance. Solar trackers can greatly increase the cost of photovoltaic solar installation. If you include a single-axis tracking system in the same array, it would cost you up to $20,000 while a dual-axis working system would cost around $26,000.   

The cost of installing tracking solar panel is itself double the cost of the entire fixed-ground mounted system. It is true that solar panels tracking system equipment would produce more electricity than the fixed system but at the cost of enormous prices. It is difficult to give an exact number mostly because installation is highly customized.  

Solar Earth INC. offers solar panels installed along with tracking solar panel systems at affordable rates. We provide you with the grounds to understand whether these tracking systems are necessary to bear the price or not. There is no doubt that the solar tracker will cost more money than the solar panel system because of its more complex technology. The solar tracking system has moving parts which are why it has more prices.  

Not only does it have a high installation but also high maintenance costs. With a more complex system, there comes more maintenance which can add up more costs over time. As the prices of solar panels are decreasing day by day with much awareness, it is better to install more solar panels rather than invest in tracking systems.  

Advantages of Tracking Solar Panel System

The tracking solar panel system has numerous advantages at high levels.  

  • ✔These trackers generate more electricity  
  • ✔More electricity generation means fewer the solar panels  
  • ✔Less space for your solar startup  
  • ✔More electricity production helps if you have a variable electricity rate plan  


The biggest of the benefits of the portable tracking solar panel system is that it is lightweight with adjustable properties. Generally, a single axis solar tracker performs at 25 to 35% of efficiency while a dual exists tracker bumps performance up by another 5 to 10%.  

If you live in a high latitude where the sun’s position in the skies varies dramatically between summer and winter, a dual-axis tracking system is a good way to maximize your solar production and collect enough power for your home or property. It not only generates electricity for your property but also increases the value of your property.  

You achieve the benefit of being in an expensive property and if you want to sell it in the future, it will give you an additional price. Advancements in technology and liability in mechanics have drastically reduced the long-term maintenance concerns for tracking systems as well. Using a tracking system helps you maximize the energy gains during peak time. 

It helps you to optimize the amount of electricity to get a better return on your investment. Now there are GPS tracking solar panel systems and a GPS navigation system. These automatically track the sun from early morning to late evening and are sure to be less worrying.

Automatic Tracking Solar Panel System

Solar panels cells depend upon the intensity of sunlight and the angle of incidence. Sometimes it is difficult to maintain their position in front of the sun. An automatic solar tracking system was made as a prototype to solve the problem of the sun tracking system. It is completely automatic and keeps the panel in line. It increases the efficiency of the solar panels by keeping the solar panels aligned with the rotating sun.   

It is a mechanized system to track the sun’s position that eventually increases the power output of solar panels. The unique feature of the system is that instead of taking earth as its reference, it takes the sun as a guiding source. It helps activate the sensors in the solar panels to monitor the sunlight and rotate the panel towards the direction of maximum sunlight.  

Even if there is cloudy weather, the automatic tracking solar panel system keeps rotating the solar panel in opposite directions to the rotation of the earth. You can also rotate solar panels as per your desired angle. Solar Earth INC. is a company that offers the installation of the automatic tracking system at affordable rates and as per your requirements.  

Our service providers have enough potential to help you install and build a solar tracking system with enforcement, strength, and advanced hydrofluoric motion. We offer you the technological advantage to increase energy yield from a fixed panel up to 40% more energy. Sustainable financial criteria are provided by us. Our adequate and pocket-friendlytracking solar panel system project is what differentiates us in the market. 

Tracking Solar Panels Systems for Sale

Tracking solar panels systems cost is what stops many people from adopting it along with their solar panels. Renewable sources of energy are certainly the way to the future. When you own a solar system along with the tracking it makes so much financial sense. Free electricity from SunPower and great incentives from the government help you save an incredible amount of money.  

Solar Earth INC. is the best solar panel company that offers a great environmental impact while helping you install a tracker in your system. We offer a tracking solar panel system for sale at attractive price points without sacrificing the quality of the material and efficiency of labor. Every expert we hire offers individualized services as per your requirement. You can have a good deal on tracking soalr panel systems buy.  

We only use American products. We are serving commercial solar panels services and residential solar panels services in Santa Barbara. We make you understand that despite high upfront costs, it has many advantages to having a solar tracking system for efficient use of solar panels. However, your choice will be what you consider at the end of the day.  

Solar panels are cheaper now even than before and they are likely to get cheaper. Investing in equipment to continually adjust the orientation of solar panels is more money upfront and requires more energy. You should choose affordable and adequate services for your household to get better services from solar panels whether along with the tracking system or without a tracking system.


For commercial buildings they are. But for residential customers tracking solar panels are typically not worth the investment due to a relatively small boost in efficiency for a small building, in exchange for high investment.  
Accordion Sample the tracking solar panel systems work by adjusting the angle of the solar panels to optimize solar efficiency according to the time of the day or the year.