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Commercial Solar Power Systems Installation

Owning your own Solar System makes so much financial sense. Free Electricity from Sun Power, great incentive from The Government (30% Tax Credit), pay back period is just a few years. Finance payments are less than your current Electric Bills from either PG&E; or Southern California Edison.

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Electricity bills are always a big mess because it usually brings up huge financial burdens on people who would rather spend their money on something useful. It is better to make a smart move when you want to curb down your financial expenses on electricity because, in the contemporary times, it is very hard to stay away from technology which reduces your man power. When you are looking out for ways and means to minimise your expenditure, laying your hands on renewable energy is the best option because it is lifelong and also gives an immense output which is far better than the laid back means of other energy output.

How commercial solar power systems reduce your electricity bill?

Solar Earth, Inc offers commercial solar power installations which harness the energy of the sunlight, where they are usually mounted on the roof or over a parking lot, whichever is convenient. The solar cells get charged and send the power to the inverter which in turn converts the DC power to AC power. Commercial inverters have many power levels i.e. from 2.5kW to 250kW, which is made to suit up to any commercial application. There is always a minimized power loss during the conversion process in the single and three phase products because of the line voltage auto detection.

Power then further travels to the electrical service panel where it gets distributed to the electrical loads. The excess power which is produced by the solar panel flows into the grid which is through the electric meter. This results in your meter to run backwards which further helps your business in getting a credit with the utility company. There are different kinds of meter like if you install a time-of-use-meter, the power will be credited at different rates, which depends upon the time of the day, week or month. It is better to install a time-of-use-meter which is beneficial for commercial solar power systems because it reduces the electricity bill to a large extent. Solar Earth, Inc who is the largest provider of the commercial solar power installations makes sure that they provide the solar panels which have 20-25 year warranty so that you can curb down your electricity bill to a maximum extent.

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Solar Earth, Inc have upped their level in the use of technology because they use automated solar tracking system which follows the sun right from dawn till evening and automatically starts all over again. It remains still during the cloudy weathers and then catches the sun when the sky is clear. This form of tracking system does all this automatically which is not only cheap but also accurate and reduces your electricity bill. Solar Earth, Inc being the provider of commercial solar panels not only stops to the commercial area because they also offer the best solar panels for the home where the solar contractors make sure that they install the panels at your home or commercial area in a hassle-free manner. Now is the time to avail the services of Solar Earth, Inc. because their motto is providing quality service to its customers.

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