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High Efficiency Solar Panel Tracking System

Welcome to the future of solar energy with the High Efficiency dual axis solar tracker. This innovative, ground-mounted system maximizes your solar power production while minimizing maintenance. Solar panel tracking system move with the sun to increase energy output, unlike stationary systems. They can double the energy produced by solar panels.

Solar panel tracking system plays an important role in large-scale solar projects for businesses, government facilities, and agriculture. A commercial solar tracking system can boost solar power output by up to 40%.

Superior Solar Absorption

The solar tracker can tilt two pivot points to rotate a solar panel around a full 360° collect energy from the sun from the East, West, North, and South angles. They function on two axes – ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’. This feature allows for better absorption of solar energy. 

Other solar systems do not commonly have this unique feature. This extensive tilt range guarantees maximum exposure to sunlight, boosting your energy production significantly.

Solar Panel Tracking System

Applications and Uses Of Solar Panel Tracking System

Air Conditioning:
Beat the heat and reduce your energy bills. The solar tracker continues to generate power at night. This allows you to cool your home without incurring additional costs from power companies.

Pool Pumps: Keep your pool or hot tub running smoothly all day. Customers have reported excellent results using solar tracking to power their pool pumps, enjoying uninterrupted, cost-effective operation.

Electric Vehicle Charging: Charge your EV with clean, renewable energy from dawn to dusk. With rising electricity and fuel costs, the sTracker offers a sustainable and economical solution for EV owners.

Battery Charging: Frustrated with high power bills? Maximize your renewable energy by using solar tracking to charge batteries and store extra solar power.

Off-Grid Living: Achieve complete energy independence. The sTracker provides constant charging throughout the day, keeping your batteries full and ready for nighttime use. Ideal for off-grid applications where reliability is crucial.

Agriculture and Farming: Reduce energy costs in your agricultural operations. The sTracker can handle high energy demands for pumps, lights, and fans, reducing operational expenses.

Portability: Need a portable solution? We offer a stand for placing the solar tracker on any flat surface. Contact us for more details.

Advantages of Dual-axis Solar Panel Tracking System

Solar panel tracking system not only outperforms stationary ground mounts but does so at a comparable cost. Its modular design allows for easy installation on various terrains, including slopes and uneven surfaces.

The solar tracker saves money by needing fewer panels and working with standard solar panels. This reduces the need for expensive mounting equipment. Quick to erect once the base is in place, it offers flexibility with concrete holes, piers, pads, or existing foundations.

Robust and Precise Design

The engineers designed the solar tracker to withstand harsh conditions. It is constructed using durable materials like aluminum and steel. Manufacturers use precision tools like CNC machines and lasers in the manufacturing process.

The advanced control system provides accurate tracking and is easily configurable, powered by linear actuator motors requiring minimal power. An auxiliary solar panel included with the system powers the actuator and control.

The M18kD Gearless Dual-Axis Solar Tracker is easy to install. You can quickly set it up with a high level of standardization.The installation process uses plug & play technology. All work takes place on location. The workers clip the photovoltaic panels on the purlins using a special and unique clamping system.The design focuses on optimizing logistics and parts to make installation and maintenance easy, while also minimizing transport costs.

Typical payback period “THREE YEARS”

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Weather Resistant

They are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Additionally, they function as both a solar tracker and a carport.

Low C&O Cost

Low C&O Cost

They need less maintenance costs because they have fewer moving parts.

Commercial solar installations

Terrain Adaptability

Our system is the most flexible for your land's terrain, ensuring the highest power generation from every location.

Utilize the Energy

Utilize the Energy

To maximize power at each site, we use 100 modules per row, which is denser than our competitors.

Solar Trackers for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Solar Projects

Commercial and industries (c&i) are investing in solar energy projects to be more sustainable and take advantage of tax incentives. These projects are now often larger than one megawatt (MW).

Many developers and construction companies are considering using solar trackers for commercial and industrial ground-mounted solar panel systems. They are exploring how this could help increase energy production.” However, since each C&I site varies, it’s not always clear if installing solar trackers will be cost-effective.

Solar Panel Tracking System Contractor in California

We are actively seeking solar contractors for installation projects and in California. Our residential and commercial solar tracking systems provide them with top-notch engineering and full support. Join our network to bring cutting-edge solar tracking technology to more customers.

Get more power output with these panels – up to 30% more than fixed-tilt ones. Single-axis trackers can improve renewable energy efficiency by 25% to 30%. Dual-axis trackers, on the other hand, can increase power by 40%.

Our team is here to help you find ways to save money in your operations. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.

Contact us today to learn more about our High Efficiency Dual Axis Solar Tracking System. Discover how this system can revolutionize your energy solutions.

Hogan Escalon CA – 1 day tracking July 5th

Marysville CA – south-east angle – Sept 17 2016

Marysville CA – south-west angle – Sept 17 2016