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Solar Panel Tracking System

Solar panel tracking system plays an important role in large-scale solar projects for businesses, government facilities, and agriculture. A solar tracking system can boost solar power output by up to 40%. This helps you recover your investment faster. It also speeds up the time it takes to start making money from your solar setup.

Sun tracking systems are remarkably straightforward yet highly effective. During the day, they move around to ensure that your solar panels are always facing the sun. This helps them capture the most energy possible.

No other technology rivals the productivity enhancement offered by a tracking system for your solar setup. With a solar tracker, you can double your energy output per day compared to stationary panels. Aligning solar panels with the sun all day will require fewer panels to produce the same amount of energy.

The M18KD Gearless dual-axis solar tracking system has undergone rigorous testing to endure severe circumstances. These trackers are special because they can handle strong winds without needing complex communication systems, batteries, or external power sources.

Benefits of M18KD’s Solar Panel Tracking System

Get more power output with these panels – up to 30% more than fixed-tilt ones. Single-axis trackers can improve renewable energy efficiency by 25% to 30%. Dual-axis trackers, on the other hand, can increase power by 50%.

  • Automatic solar panel tracking system runs smoothly and quietly thanks to a gearless design.
  • Ideal for locations with high latitudes, where the sun’s position varies significantly throughout the year.
  • The M18KD is a ground mount system that moves in two directions: east to west and north to south. This precise movement enables accurate tracking of the sun throughout the year.
  • They are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Additionally, they function as both a solar tracker and a carport.
  • We build our solar trackers tough and test them to handle any weather.
  • You won’t need much maintenance, just one scheduled check-up per year on average.
  • Solar tracking has the potential to significantly increase clean energy production, leading to a greener and more sustainable future.
Things to Know Before Installing Commercial Solar Panels

The M18kD Gearless Dual-Axis Solar Tracker is easy to install. You can quickly set it up with a high level of standardization.The installation process uses plug & play technology. All work takes place on location. The workers clip the photovoltaic panels on the purlins using a special and unique clamping system.The design focuses on optimizing logistics and parts to make installation and maintenance easy, while also minimizing transport costs.

Typical payback period “THREE YEARS”

Weather Resistant

They are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Additionally, they function as both a solar tracker and a carport.

Low C&O Cost

They need less maintenance costs because they have fewer moving parts.

Commercial solar installations

Terrain Adaptability

Our system is the most flexible for your land's terrain, ensuring the highest power generation from every location.

Utilize the Energy

To maximize power at each site, we use 100 modules per row, which is denser than our competitors.

Conventional Solar Panel Tracking SYSTEM

Solar tracking systems cost more than standard fixed solar panel systems for several reasons.

Firstly, they require more raw materials, like steel, cables, and electronics. Also, the installation process takes longer and requires more work, including tasks like preparing the site and driving piles.

Solar trackers move and follow the sun, unlike fixed solar panels that stay still. This complex machinery is costly to operate and maintain in the long run. This is because of the increased likelihood of breakdowns occurring.

Compared to traditional trackers, the M18KD tracking system is easier to install, requiring fewer man-hours per megawatt. It also reduces the risk of mechanical failure, leading to lower long-term O&M costs.

Solar Trackers for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Solar Projects

Commercial and industries (c&i) are investing in solar energy projects to be more sustainable and take advantage of tax incentives. These projects are now often larger than one megawatt (MW).

Many developers and construction companies are considering using solar trackers for commercial and industrial ground-mounted solar panel systems. They are exploring how this could help increase energy production.” However, since each C&I site varies, it’s not always clear if installing solar trackers will be cost-effective.

Free cost savings assessment!

Contact us to request a cost-saving customized for your specific needs. We specialize in assisting farm owners, commercial and industrial building managers, water district operators, and municipal overseers.

Our team is here to help you find ways to save money in your operations. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.

Hogan Escalon CA – 1 day tracking July 5th

Marysville CA – south-east angle – Sept 17 2016

Marysville CA – south-west angle – Sept 17 2016