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About Solar Earth INC

Solar Earth Inc is a family-owned company in California that installs solar panels. We have years of experience and work closely with customers to achieve great results.

It makes so much financial sense to own a Solar System. Solar power gives free electricity, a 30% Tax Credit, fast pay-back, and helps the environment. Using solar power can lead to reduced electricity costs. The government offers a 30% Tax Credit for installing solar panels.

Solar power systems offer a quick pay-back period, allowing for a relatively quick recoup of the initial investment. In addition to financial benefits, using solar power also has significant long-term environmental advantages.

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Solat Earth: Solar Installation Service

Solar panels installed on the Earth’s surface can contribute to achieving Net Zero goals by generating solar power. They can be placed on staging areas, roofs, and containers. Net Zero refers to balancing the amount of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere with the amount removed.


Residential Solar

Homeowners benefit from expert solar panel investments for savings.

Commercial Solar

Commercial solar installation for cost-effective efficiency.
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Tracking Systems

Tracking system boosts output by up to 40% for efficiency.
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Solar Financing

Solar financing options available for your project.
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Solar Power Shed

Explore solar power shed installation possibilities now.
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Solar Consultant

Expert solar energy consulting services for you.

Why is Solar Installation Worth it in California?

30% Federal Tax Credit

In California, people who install solar panels can get tax credit from the federal government. They call this tax credit the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The credit is 30% again!

Raise Property Value

Adding solar panels not only increases your property's value but also avoids the burden of increased property taxes associated with many other home improvements.

$0 Down Financing

We help you learn about different ways to borrow money for your home or business. Knowing your options helps you make smart choices now, which can help you in the future.

Reduce Electric Bill

With a solar energy system, you own your power source, dodging hefty energy bills. By producing your electricity, you cut down on costs. Each month, your meter works backward, saving you money.

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Why Choose Us?

Solar Earth is a leading solar company in California offers solar loans and financing options. We promise high quality at a good price, using top materials and service without sacrificing affordability.

When selecting a solar installation company, opting for a local, reliable, articulate, and friendly provider is advantageous. We prioritize American products rooted in the picturesque Santa Ynez Valley. We manufacture all our installed Modules and they come with a 25-year guarantee.

The Solar Power Solution for All Surfaces

We put solar panels on buildings in California. This includes Santa Barbara, Goleta, Lompoc, Santa Ynez Valley, Los Alamos, and Santa Maria. We use inverters from S.M.A Solar Technology, a popular and high-quality brand in the U.S.

Our Roof Attachments and Ground Mounts, crafted in Vancouver, Washington, further enhance the quality of our offerings. We take immense pride in delivering superior customer service and ensuring complete satisfaction through reliable partnerships.

We go beyond traditional solar installation. Our commitment to innovation and clean energy solutions allows us to transform everyday infrastructure into a source of revenue-generating solar energy. Solar Earth Panels utilize cutting-edge technology, embedding solar cells into surfaces like sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways. We design our solar solutions to withstand even the most challenging solar conditions.

Experienced Solar Contractors

With 15 years in solar, leads the solar revolution for a net-zero future. We want to bring solar power everywhere so people can use solar energy in many ways and benefit from it. Solar Earth is your source for solar today and a key player in the journey towards a net-zero world by 2050.

Power for Your Home and a Net Zero Future

We provide more than just solar panels. We are transforming traditional structures to utilize solar energy. This includes making surfaces such as driveways and parking lots solar-powered. Our solar panels are tough, slip-proof, and built to endure the weather, making them perfect for outdoor areas.

Solar Earth, a solar industry entrepreneur, always creates new solutions to meet the increasing need for renewable energy. We know that every little bit helps with clean energy. We’re happy to be part of the worldwide fight against climate change.

Get Solar Today Pay in Installments

We offer financial support for clean energy investments through leases or power purchase agreements. This assistance aims to facilitate the transition towards a carbon-neutral future. Our environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions, including solar equipment, make them a wise choice for individuals and businesses prioritizing sustainability. Not only do they help save money, but they also contribute to a healthier environment.

Driving the Path to Net Zero

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond traditional solar panels. Our solar paving technology can turn driveways and parking lots into solar energy sources. This technology can make money for the owners.

We are happy to offer this innovative solution. Our paving integrated solar panels are durable and skid-resistant and contribute to a net-zero world.

In California, solar panels cost around $2.51 per watt. For a 5 kW system, the total cost of solar panels would be approximately $12,550. The cost for a 10 kW system would be around $25,100 before any incentives.  This is lower than the national average of $2.85 per watt, which amounts to $17,100.

California offers incentives programs like a 30% federal solar tax credit, state incentives, and property tax exemptions for solar installations. Adding a home battery may qualify you for a state rebate as well.

Renewable Energy with Community Solar

Solar Earth helps communities by installing solar systems to increase the use of solar power in local areas. We will use new solar tech to make energy that is good for the environment and makes our future better.

We Proudly Serve the Following Markets


Santa Barbara, California, is an ideal location for solar energy. The state’s natural climate provides significant direct sunlight exposure, perfect for photovoltaic solar panels. As a result, the panels can generate more electricity because of the increased availability of sunlight.


Before the ITC, Solar Panels in Santa Ynez cost around $17,500 for a 5-kW system and $35,000 for a 10-kW system. The actual cost varies based on factors like the type of panels, system size, and electricity usage.


In Santa Maria, there are numerous advantages to choosing solar installation. Santa Maria’s latitude, for example, is crucial for solar power efficiency and peak sun hours. Being local, dependable, articulate, and friendly is always a plus for them.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I Run My House on Solar Power Only?

The short answer is yes, solar power can power a whole house. To get the energy you need, you'll need to think about a few things, such as the size of solar panels, pitch, and orientation of your roof, the number of panels you want to place, the amount of shade, and the wattage and output efficiency. Also, you should think about how much energy you will need now and in the future, as well as whether you want solar energy to power your whole house or just some of it.

Can solar panels run an air conditioner?

Yes, solar panels can power you air conditioner. However, AC units use a lot of power when they're on. This might change how many solar panels you need to run your home.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need ?

The number of solar panels you need will depend on many things and will be very different for each home. Some things that will affect how many panels you need are:

  • Wattage for each panel
  • How effectively the panels work
  • How much power your solar panels produce
  • How much energy your home uses
  • Size of the panel
  • How many hours of peak sunlight you get
  • The condition of your roof and how much shade it gets
  • The energy goals and needs you have for yourself
Do Solar Panels Need Direct Sunlight ?

Direct sunlight is best for solar panels, but they can still work without it. Why? Sunlight's photons, which are what solar panels use to make power, can be in both direct and indirect sunlight. Indirect sunlight won't hurt solar panels, but they won't make as much power.

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