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Solar Earth installs Roof Mounts, Ground Mounts, Trackers and Shade Structures

A Great Environmental Impact

Solar Earth Inc.

The value we offer is unmatched, providing highly attractive price points without sacrificing quality of materials, labor and individualized service.

When Choosing a Solar Contractor, it is always an advantage for them to be local, reliable, articulate and friendly. Use American products only. Solar Earth is all of the above, located in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley. All the Modules installed are manufactured by Solar World in Portland Oregon and backed by a twenty-five year guarantee.

The Inverters are manufactured by Colorado S.M.A – probably the best in the world. Roof Attachments and Ground Mounts are all manufactured in Vancouver, Washington.

Solar Earth Inc is a family-owned Company that works closely with its Customers, achieving top results always. Renewable Energy is the way of the future; little wonder, when you consider, finance payments are less than your current Electric Bills from either PG&E; or Southern California Edison. Owning your own Solar System makes so much financial sense. Free Electricity from Sun Power, Great incentive from The Government with a “30% Tax Credit”, and pay-back period of just a few years,

Solar Earth Inc. is uniquely positioned to be of service to the Santa Ynez Valley and the Central Coast of California, offering a detailed approach to your sustainable energy strategy. 

Sustainable, solar energy: financially, environmentally sensible.