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If you’re looking for California residential solar panel installation, Solar Earth Inc., offer custom solar energy soultions for residents in California. You can make your power by putting solar panels on your house. This will save you money on utility bills in the short and long term and help protect the environment. Clean energy is what we need to get to the future.


We’re the best solar contractors and offer residential solar installation services in Santa Barbara, Goleta, LompocSanta Ynez Valley, Los Alamos, and Santa Maria.

  • We can install solar panels on concrete, metal, tile roofs, and flat roofs.
  • Our local solar technicians can create custom designs and provide advice for your building or contractor. We also offer solar panel for house roof,  ground-mounted solar energy systems and solar carports for you to choose from.
  • We only use the best solar technology when we need it. Take off, when we need it.
  • The Complete Freedom guarantee is part of our installation services.
  • Batteries may be installed both externally or internally
  • Installing solar panels may require an initial investment. However, it is a smart choice. It can save you money on electricity bills and increase your home’s value.
  • Solar helps clean up the air around you and lower your carbon footprint. You can save money by installing solar panels on your house.
  • We offer different financing options to make it affordable for you. One option is a $0 upfront payment. We also have affordable interest rates.
  • We offer different financing options to make it affordable for you. One option is a $0 upfront payment. We also have affordable interest rates.


  • Installing solar panel installation in California may require an initial investment. However, it is a smart choice. It can save you money on electricity bills and increase your home’s value.
  • Solar helps clean up the air around you and lower your carbon footprint. You can save money by installing solar panels on your house.
  • We offer different financing options to make it affordable for you. One option is a $0 upfront payment. We also have affordable interest rates.


More than ever, Americans are learning how helpful solar power systems for homes can be. Today, less than 5% of homes in the U.S. have solar panels. However, experts expect that all the sunshine, falling panel prices, and sound policies will significantly grow solar power.

Here are various elements you need to consider to ascertain solar:

  • One common reason people can’t put up solar panels is that they are in the shade. Solar panels will only work well if trees or other things do not block them from full sunlight all day.
  • If you want a rooftop system, your roof must be in good shape. Your home should face south or west if possible, but this is only sometimes necessary. You can put solar panels on any roof.
  • If installing solar panels on the roof of a home is not possible, ground-mounted systems may be a good option.
  • Adding solar to your plans will save you money when building a house. We’ll work with your developer to ensure the process goes smoothly and quickly for you.

Many changes in your life can cause your energy use to rise, which may make you consider getting home solar panels. There are several examples of things people might do. These include getting a bigger house, living with kids or older parents, buying an electric car, or putting in a pool. Moreover, if your power costs have increased lately, now is a great time to look into how solar energy can help you save money.



The people who work for us are experts in sales, planning, getting permits, installation, and customer service. People who are humble and want to make the world a better place are the ones we hire. We installed high-quality solar panels to provide reliable power for you and your family, focusing on every aspect. In the form of a 25-year warranty on goods, performance, and service, we hold ourselves responsible for the results you get. 


It’s easy to install solar panels on your home with our Seven Steps to Solar process, which includes everything you need. We’ll handle your installation and everything, from getting HOA approval to checks and permits. You can rest easy knowing how solar panels work and that you have the best and most reliable ones on the market. If you ever need help, the Solar Earth Inc service department is here to help you.


Solar Earth Inc. can build, monitor, and repair home solar systems in several locations. These locations include Santa Barbara, Goleta, Lompoc, Santa Ynez Valley, Los Alamos, and Santa Maria. We have a wide range of solar panels and solar batteries. Our team of experts will help you get all the federal and state tax breaks and rebates you can for going solar. With more than 15 years of experience and 24,000 happy customers, we know a lot about solar.


We install home batteries and solar panels in different locations in Santa Barbara County. These locations include Santa Barbara, Goleta, Lompoc, Santa Ynez Valley, Los Alamos, and Santa Maria. We install them on both roofs and ground.


Net Energy Metering (NEM) is the agreement that a solar customer signs with their utility company. It sets the “export rate” for the extra solar energy sent to the grid and controls its worth. NEM lets solar customers send back the extra energy they make when it’s sunny, get credits in return, and then use these credits to balance out their nighttime use. Under the current agreement, NEM 3.0, it is suggested that a solar system be paired with a battery to get the most out of the solar power that the system produces.


Yes, installing solar panels for house in California can be a worthwhile investment. The quantity of power that must be purchased from the electric provider might be decreased by using solar panels to generate electricity. In addition, solar energy has a small carbon footprint and is a clean, dependable source of electricity that can continue to run even in the event of grid failure.


The average California homeowner needs an 8.1 kW solar panel system to meet their electricity needs, costing around $22,196 before incentives for California residential solar panel installation. Prices typically range from $18,867 to $25,525. However, after applying the federal tax credit, the cost drops by 30%.

Solar panels need sunlight to make power; the more, the better. But some everyday things, like trees, buildings, and weather, can stand between the sun and your panels.

Sources of shade

Trees, buildings, hills, mountains, and even powerlines can reduce how much electricity your system produces. If these items cast a shadow on even just a part of your panel, that panel’s output can be reduced by 33% to even 100%. Before installation, your installer should do a shade assessment analysis with specialized tools to ensure shade won’t interfere with your system’s energy production.

Clouds & Rain

Climate also has an impact on your system’s production. Solar panels will produce less energy if your home is located in a mainly cloudy or rainy area. However, solar has proven itself time and time again in the dreariest climates. The fix for this is installing a few extra panels to compensate for lost production. It has a modest impact on costs but can significantly impact electricity savings.


In California, the cost of solar panels ranges from $1 to $1.50 per watt. A typical 5-kilowatt (5,000 watt) solar system costs between $15,000 and $25,000, including installation. This breaks down to:

  • $7,500 to $12,500 for the solar panels themselves (5,000 watts x $1.50 to $2.50 per watt)
  • $5,000 to $7,500 for labor costs (installation, wiring, etc.)
  • $1,000 to $2,000 for additional equipment (inverters, mounting hardware, etc.)
  • $1,000 to $2,000 for permits, inspections, and other miscellaneous costs

However, there are incentives to help offset these costs:

  • 30% federal solar tax credit (credits you back $4,500 to $7,500)
  • California property tax exclusion (saves you $1,000 to $2,000 in property taxes)
  • State-sponsored rebates (up to $1,000) for adding a home battery

With a 5 kW solar system, Californians can save around $1,400 annually on electricity bills. Over the 25-year lifespan of quality solar panels, that’s a total savings of over $35,000! Investing in solar panels can lead to significant long-term savings for California residents.

Please note that these costs are estimates and may vary depending on your location, specific installation requirements. Additionally, state incentives or rebates may further affect the overall cost of installing a residential solar system. 


Always custom & always in-house without compromising on quality

American made solar panels are some of the most efficient solar panels on the market and their technology creates more energy from the sun each day. They produce up to 60% more energy than a conventional Chinese made solar panel! Our panels come with a 25-year warranty, so you can feel confident in your installation’s lifeline and what brand of solar panels you buy. Equally as important. Our panels are designed to look great on your home.


Solar system installation is an investment in a secure future. Once you install solar panels complete with batteries, you free yourself of the worries related to the traditional power supply to your home. You won’t face issues like power outages, loss of connection due to faults in wires, or will have to pay for the electricity you are using. Instead, you can use the energy you want in a solar system, and there will be no worries about the bill.

Reliable Power During Outages

There are no problems like power outages or overloading. Instead, it fulfills all your needs. Installation of solar panels leads to investment in a secure ecosystem. You will opt out of the state or local grid. So, the energy you use will not be produced. Usually, this is produced by burning organic products like oils or using nuclear reactors. But it won’t need to be made when you don’t use it.
Mass migrations from traditional methods of energy production to non-traditional ones like solar energy will help improve the environment long-term.


If you’re ready to harness the power of the sun for your California residential solar panel installation project, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help. Give us a call to discuss your needs, get a free quote, and explore the available rebate incentives.

What Should I Ask Before Installing Solar Panels?

Check if your roof is suitable for solar panels based on its size, shape, type, angle, direction, slope, and strength. It would help if you also learned about warranties, rebates, incentives, and how to connect to the grid. Learn about your HOA’s rules, your home’s energy efficiency, energy production, solar costs in your area, battery storage, federal solar tax credit, solar loans, and more.

How Is My House Suitable For Solar Panels?

Determine if your home is a good fit for solar panels by finding its Sun Number Score. This score shows how much solar power your home could produce. Scores go from 0 to 100; if your score is 70 or higher, your home is a good candidate for solar cells. Your score depends on factors such as home orientation, local weather, solar panel installation cost, and energy rates. 

What Is The Most Significant Consideration When Installing Panels?

The most important thing to consider when installing solar panels is where you will do it. A few things determine if your roof is suitable for solar panels because people usually install them there. The kind of roof you possess, along with its form, incline, orientation, and location, are all crucial factors to take into account.

What should I be aware of before transitioning to solar energy? Before going solar, you should figure out how much energy your home usually needs daily. Also, you should know the Sun Number Score of your home. This knowledge will help you figure out if solar panels will work on your house.

Find out more about the solar panels and system size you need as well. Solar panels produce more energy daily, and homeowners can store it in a home battery backup if required.

What Should I Consider In Solar Panels?

Here are a few things you should think about before you buy a solar panel setup. Efficiency, yield, warranty choices, durability, and looks (which may involve your homeowner’s association or HOA) are all essential. This company, Earth Inc Solar, only sells the best solar panels.

What Are The Main Advantages Of Solar Energy?

Solar energy has many advantages. Solar energy has numerous benefits. It helps save money on your monthly bill.

Additionally, it reduces reliance on the grid. Moreover, it contributes to a healthier environment and public health by reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality. Solar panels save money on energy bills and increase home value when sold.

Can A Solar Run The Whole House?

In a broad sense, yes. Many current solar panel systems come with a battery backup for the house. This means that the house can run on solar power alone. Solar panels and a battery can generate sufficient energy for your home and daily requirements.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

In general, solar panels last between 25 and 30 years. They may last longer depending on how well you clean and check your boards regularly.