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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In Santa Barbara?

In 2024, a residential solar panels cost in Santa Barbara, CA cost around $2.62 per watt, including installation. For a 5 kW installation, this totals around $13,121 before incentives. However, actual prices can range from $11,153 to $15,089.

After applying the federal tax credit, which reduces costs by 30%, the average price decreases. This estimate does not include any additional savings from federal ITC or state incentives in Santa Barbara, CA. These savings could potentially lower the price by thousands of dollars.

Solar Panels Cost in Santa Barbara


Your solar panel cost depends on the size of your system. Straightforward: larger systems cost more money. We use dollars per watt ($/W) to compare quotes easily, even if system sizes are slightly different.

For example, a 5 kW system in Santa Barbara, CA, costs around $13,121. If you double the system size to 10 kW, you can expect to pay approximately twice that amount. “Solar Providers Near Me.” However, the larger the system, the higher the potential federal tax credit you can receive.

Are solar panels worth it in Santa Barbara, CA?

Yes, solar panels are worth it in Santa Barbara, CA, as they are in many areas. Several factors influence this, such as electricity costs, available solar incentives, local climate, and the orientation of your roof toward the sun compared to other regions in the U.S.

By buying a 5 kW solar system outright, you stand to save around $59,559 on electricity expenses over a 20-year period in Santa Barbara, CA. We based this estimate on real data from our Marketplace. It takes into account the system’s cost, the federal tax credit, and inflation rates.

In the absence of net metering access, these calculations do not incorporate utility net billing rates.

Here are some key financial metrics for a 5 kW system in Santa Barbara, CA:

  • Recovery Period: 5.86 Years
  • Savings over 20 Years: $59,559
  • Price per Watt: $2.62

If you can’t afford to pay $13,121 upfront for solar, financing options are available. Some companies offer $0-down loans, allowing you to start saving on day one. Keep in mind that taking out a loan will slightly decrease your long-term savings because of the interest rates.

What determines the price of solar panels in Santa Barbara, CA?

The cost you’ll pay for solar panels depends on several factors unique to your home:

System Size:

Larger solar panel systems cost more. Generally, larger systems have a lower average cost per watt ($/W). Advisable to invest in a system that can cover your entire electricity bill to maximize long-term savings.

Solar Panel Type:

Different types of solar panels affect cost. Monocrystalline panels are more expensive than polycrystalline or thin-film panels, but they produce more energy. People often use these in DIY projects.

Your Installer:

Solar companies charge varying labor rates. Choosing a company with good reviews, solid warranties, and fast installation may cost more initially. However, it can be beneficial in the long run. It may be worth the investment.

Equipment Make and Model:

The quality of solar panels and inverters varies by brand and model. Investing in higher-quality equipment may initially cost more but could result in greater savings over time.

Your Home:

Installation costs can vary based on factors like roof complexity or the need to upgrade your electrical panel. These factors can increase the overall cost of your solar system.

Permitting and Interconnection:

While relatively minor, costs for permits and grid interconnection fees add to the total solar installation price.

Understanding these factors can help you make informed decisions when considering solar panel installation in Santa Barbara, CA.

How to Maximize Savings on Solar Panels in Santa Barbara, CA

Investing in solar panels is significant, but you can reduce costs by being a smart shopper. Taking advantage of incentives, rebates, and comparing quotes can help lower your solar expenses in Santa Barbara, CA.

Take Advantage of Federal and Local Solar Incentives:

In Santa Barbara, CA, you can get a tax credit if you meet the federal tax bill requirement. This credit permits you to counterbalance 30% of your solar setup and gear expenses against your federal taxes. You can carry over any excess credit to future years. Additionally, many states offer local incentives and rebates that further reduce costs.

Get Quotes from Multiple Installers:

Comparing quotes from several solar installers promotes competition and transparency, potentially saving you money. Each additional quote provides insights into finding the best solar panel system at the right price.

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