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How Many Panels Is A 5kw Solar System?

Modern methods are better at storing the sun’s energy, and solar panel technology is improving. People worldwide have used solar cells to reduce carbon emissions and slow climate change. 

Because these effects are good for the environment, more efficient solar systems with bigger energy storage sizes and higher efficiency have been made. Many new solar heat systems have batteries that let you use the energy they store when it’s not sunny outside.

Using the sun’s energy to power your home has many benefits, such as not being affected by rising electricity rates, getting tax breaks and other government rewards, and raising the value of your home.

5kW solar systems are a good size for people buying solar panels for the first time. This method is enough to balance out the budget of a typical suburban home. This raises the question of how many solar panels a 5kW system needs to work at its best.

This question and other factors that could change the number of panels needed are talked about in the next piece.

How Many Panels & How Much Roof Space For A 5kw Solar System?

How Many Panels Is A 5kw Solar System

These days, a 5kW solar setup will have between 15 and 20 panels. Another thing it needs is about 25–35 m2 of roof room, which will depend on the panel’s wattage and how they’re tilted. Solar panels come in different sizes based on the brand and whether they are made for home or business use. On a 5kW system, the most common size is 1.7 meters by 1 meter.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need Based On Size And Efficiency?

Two things affect how many solar panels you need for a 5kW solar system: the panel type and wattage power.

Solar panels have different types, two different types are: Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline.

The size of your home is another factor. A small solar system might be better for you if you live in a small house than a full-out system.

Monocrystalline Panels




If you have limited room on your roof, monocrystalline panels are a good choice. They are also much more powerful and have better efficiency ratings.

Monocrystalline panels put out between 310 and 400 watts of power on average. Because it puts out a lot of energy, this is one of the best solar systems for air conditions.

Polycrystalline Panels



If you want to save money and don’t care too much about room, the cheaper polycrystalline panels are the way to go.

Polycrystalline panels are less efficient compared to a collection of monocrystalline panels. This means you’d need more panels to get the same energy output.

The usual peak power for polycrystalline panels is between 250 and 300 watts.

How Many Monocrystalline Panels Are Needed for a 5kW System?


5kW systems are a good place for people who want to get into the solar business and use solar energy to power their homes. Even though they are small, these solar power systems have enough power to meet your needs.

Most homes use about 867 kWh of electricity each month, so a 5kW system should be enough to meet their needs.

You need to do some math to determine how many monocrystalline solar cells you need if you choose the more robust system with a 400-watt output.

To determine how much power each solar panel is putting out, we split 5,000 watts, which is equal to 5kW. In this case, we have 12.5 panels, which we will round up to 13.

You need 13 solar panels with 400 watts to power a 5kW setup. This equation is simple to change to work for your wants and equipment.

What About the Polycrystalline Option?

If you choose the less powerful crystalline choice, you will need many more panels because you have much more space on your roof or a little extra money.

Let’s use the same example: you must build a 5kW system so your home has enough energy for a month.

To do this again, we divide the average power of your solar system by the average power of one polycrystalline panel. Let’s say that 300 watts of energy come from one solar cell.

To figure it out, split 5,000 watts by 300 watts, which is your answer. In this case, 16 equals 17, so we can round it up to 17. You need a lot more panels than a monocrystalline system for this system, or you need much stronger panels.

What is the better choice for me?

The most important things are the room you have and the amount of money you want to spend. It was already said that polycrystalline solar cells aren’t as good as monocrystalline ones, but they’re cheaper.

Also, installing polycrystalline panels takes up much more room on your roof. If you don’t need a lot of room, a monocrystalline system is the best choice in terms of price.

With a rating close to 700, some panels today are much stronger than monocrystalline ones. Based on the numbers and measurements you used earlier, your 5kW setup would only need 7 panels.

How Much Space Do I Need For Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline Solar Panels?

All the math that goes into sizing solar systems can be hard to understand, but this simple guide will make it much easier for you.

Naturally, we need to know how much space there is on your roof before we choose which panel to have. As a safety measure, you should leave about 25% of your roof without panels.

The standard size for a solar system is 17 square feet. If you choose monocrystalline panels for your 5kW system, you will need about 221 square feet plus an extra 25% free room. This adds up to 281 square feet, the space you need.

Polycrystalline panels take up much more room because they are less efficient. The number of screens we already know is 17, so let’s multiply it by 17 square feet.

It is worth 289 square feet. We need 361 square feet for this system after adding the 25%.


There won’t be direct sunlight all year, which you should never forget. On some days, your panels get full sun, but clouds or snow may make them less effective on other days.

Because of this, you should always try to install more panels than you need, as long as it only takes up a little room on your roof.

Always try to add an extra panel or two to account for changes in the weather or broken panels. Your panels will break down over time, but adding one will slow that down in the long run.

Also, monitor how much sun your area gets every day. This will help you determine what kind of panel you need to get the power you need.

Connect with Solar Earth for help with any more worries or questions. Additionally, we offer excellent customer service and even let you choose the solar system that works best for your home. It will be straightforward for you to find the best solar options with our help.


At first, it can be hard to figure out numbers related to solar energy, but they don’t have to be. Now that you have this easy-to-understand plan, you can confidently figure out how many solar panels you need for a 5kW system.

Solar panels are a significant investment, especially since utility prices keep increasing. Some benefits will save money and help the environment fight against climate change.

Now is the time to go green and make the world more environmentally friendly.