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Solar Power For Shed and Workshop

Solar power for shed presents an exquisite opportunity to seize the potency of the sun and produce energy without cost. The escalating vogue of solar energy has instigated a surge in people gravitating towards this sustainable and frugal solution. It matters not if you possess a horticultural shed, a manufacturing workshop, or even a petite lodge; integrating solar panels can furnish you with a dependable power source for your gadgets, equipment, and illumination.

Putting solar panels on your shed will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but it may also save you money on your energy bills over time. We are now going to look at how solar power could turn your shed into an eco-friendly haven of efficiency.

What Is Solar Powered Shed?


Solar powered shed is a great way to get your hands on free energy. A solar shed is a type of workshop or outbuilding that is equipped with a solar power system. The present mechanism comprises photovoltaic panels that amass solar energy and save it in accumulators. 

The collected energy can subsequently energize different apparatuses and contrivances within the storage space, such as illuminators, chargers, electrical sockets, and power bars for corded power equipment. The solar power system allows for the shed to be powered by renewable energy, which can save money on electricity bills and reduce the environmental impact of the shed’s energy usage.

Types of Solar Powered Shed:

Comparing AC and DC Solar Sheds

Solar shed power comes in two tiers: DC for basic needs and AC for larger requirements.

DC Systems: 

The initial tier offers simple direct current (DC) solar setups costing $100 to $200, suitable for a couple of low-voltage lights. While easy to set up, these systems can’t handle corded electric tools or higher-power devices.

AC Systems: 

The advanced tier ranges from $3,000 to $5,500 for robust alternating current (AC) setups, powering tools, lights, and charging cordless tools.


Existing south-facing roofs can transform sheds into solar-powered ones. Kits start at $3,300 for a 10-by-12-foot shed. Larger 12-by-16-foot sheds with enhancements range from $8,500 to $12,000.

How Much Solar Power Do I Need For My Shed?


A 50W solar panel is enough to power a simple storage shed. However, two 250W panels are required if the shed is also used as a home office. If the shed is a power tool workshop, you need at least 4000W–5000W to power the tools, lights, and other things. How much does it mean in terms of money? To give you an idea of how much this costs, a 5,000-watt solar system for a 1,500-square-foot home costs nearly $11,750 in the US.

The solar power would be different depending on what you want to use your shed for. Add up everything in your shed that would need electricity, then make a rough guess. This will give you something to work with.

How Many Watts For Solar Powered Shed?

For Office Shed

An office shed caters to individuals who work remotely and seek a tranquil workspace for daytime activities. Opting for an office shed over a home office provides an environment free from disruptions, sparing the need to rearrange living spaces. 

Depending on the foundational office equipment, a backyard or office shed typically demands between 3000W to 4000W of solar capacity. To estimate the requisite solar energy for your office shed, refer to the energy consumption table provided.

DescriptionPower (Watts)
Laptop/Desktop Computer100 – 200
Printer/Scanner100 – 200
Lighting (LED)20 – 100
HVAC/Heating (if applicable)500 – 1500

Solar Powered Shed For Workshop

If you’re engaged in DIY projects and own a workshop shed, having access to electricity is crucial to operate appliances, power tools, and electrical equipment. Many of the tools used in a workshop demand substantial energy. Even if you’re utilizing a solar generator to supply power to the shed, it’s essential to consider the duration for which your electric tools can run before the available power depletes. 

A typical workshop shed necessitates a power output of 4000W to 5000W. By installing 250W solar panels on your shed’s roof, you can ensure sufficient solar energy to support your electric tools. Provided below is a table outlining the energy requirements for a workshop shed. Remember that all electric tools have both starting Watts and running Watts.

ToolStarting WattsRunning Watts
Table Saw2700W1800W
Electric Drill900W600W
Circular Saw4200W1400W
Orbital Sander2600W1200W
Miter Saw1800W1800W

Solar Powered Shed For Greenhouse

A common purpose for an outbuilding is a garden shed, utilized to store gardening equipment and supplies. If you possess adept manual skills, your garden tools might not rely on electricity for operation. 

However, should your inventory include electric garden tools, ensuring ample solar energy for your shed becomes imperative, allowing you to tend to your garden devoid of electricity cost concerns. If you’re inquiring about the requisite wattage for a solar-powered shed equipped with garden tools, you’re likely considering a range of 2000W to 4000W. Refer to the following table to assess your garden shed’s energy prerequisites.

ToolStarting WattsRunning Watts
Electric Leaf Blower0W2500W
Weed Cutter600W500W
Electric Mower0W1500W
Electric Strimmer500W300W
Hedge Trimmer600W450W
Chainsaw (1.5HP)0W900W
Cultivator (1.2HP)1400W700W

Are Solar Power For Shed Worth It?

Deciding whether solar sheds are a worthwhile investment depends on your specific power needs and the shed’s distance from other available power sources. For certain individuals, the electrical systems of solar power for shed may be perceived as costly when considering their relatively modest power output.

From a purely financial perspective, it might be more economical to install buried conduits to bring electricity from the main house to the shed. However, if the distance is substantial, constructing a solar shed could prove to be a more cost-effective option compared to the expenses associated with running underground power lines.


We’re all familiar with the concept of free energy — it’s something we hear about regularly and always seems to be just out of reach. But what if there was a way to get your hands on free solar power? And not just any solar power, but the kind you could use to generate electricity for your home or business. 

At SolarEarth Inc, we are committed to providing high-quality solar power solutions for sheds and other applications. Our services encompass the design, installation, and maintenance of solar power systems tailored to meet specific needs. With our expertise and reliable equipment, we aim to make solar power for sheds accessible and efficient, helping shed owners harness the power of the sun for their energy requirements.

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