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Commercial Solar INSTALLATION and INDUSTRIAL solar

Commercial and industrial building owners can experience significant financial advantages by utilizing commercial solar installation. Solar power has the potential to decrease or eliminate electricity expenses, leading to enhanced cash flow and the establishment of consistent monthly energy costs.

Commercial Solar INSTALLATION For Buildings

Commercial building owners benefit from incorporating solar energy solutions into their properties. Using commercial solar is particularly advantageous for new construction and retrofit projects, providing an opportunity to accrue LEED credits and effectively curtail future energy expenses. This translates into heightened output and significant monthly savings for commercial building owners compared to traditional electric utility services. Solar Earth Incspecializes in assisting various commercial construction projects, differentiating businesses from competitors, and fostering positive public relations by integrating high-performance solar energy systems.
Acknowledging the sensitivity of budget and timeline considerations for architects and general contractors, Solar Earth Inc prioritizes effective project management and site coordination. The collaborative approach between our field and design teams ensures timely project completion while adhering to budgetary constraints.
Given the diversity of commercial buildings, each property presents unique usage patterns and demands. The experienced design and engineering team at Solar Earth excels at tailoring solar solutions for maximum effectiveness in diverse situations. Whether addressing unforeseen space limitations or accommodating specific business needs, we rely on your input to craft customized solar solutions that elevate commercial properties’ energy efficiency and sustainability.

Industrial, AGRICULTURAL and manufacturing sites

Electricity use in business buildings is greatly affected by the operation of assembly lines, electric motors, and other processing equipment. Adding to the difficulty of making predictions, industrial electric utility rates usually increase yearly, making business costs even less predictable. 

Solar Earth Inc. deals with this complexity by offering low-cost options that lower or eliminate energy bills. In addition to saving money immediately, our solutions help site managers predict how much electricity will cost over the 30 to 40 years their solar energy systems will be in use. This method makes it easier to plan for money and helps businesses stay open in the long run.

We also provide customized solar installations for agricultural spaces, ensuring optimal energy efficiency and cost savings. Our expertise at Solar Earth Inc. extends beyond traditional solutions, offering farmers tailored solar for agriculture options to meet their unique needs and enhance overall productivity.

Why commercial Solar Installation?

Electric bills have increased by 30% since 2019 in Santa Barbara, and power outages increased by 38% in the same period.

There are problems with the grid and energy costs going up all the time, but it costs more each year to do nothing. That’s much extra money for a worse service. With tax credits of up to 60% of the total project costs, commercial soalr pv systems is the smart business choice for businesses of today.

Financial Benefits for Businesses

solar financing

Though the benefits of solar energy for the environment are evident, some enterprises may ponder upon the monetary practicality of setting up a solar power structure. This is where commercial solar financing comes into play. By making solar energy financially accessible, businesses can unlock numerous benefits, including:

Cost Savings


Solar power offers significant long-term savings by reducing or eliminating reliance on grid electricity. Businesses can generate electricity through solar panels, reducing energy bills and increasing operational efficiency.

Return on Investment (ROI)


Through energy savings, tax incentives, and potential revenue from excess energy production, businesses can enjoy a positive ROI in the long run.

Enhanced Reputation 


As sustainability becomes increasingly important to consumers, businesses that embrace solar energy can differentiate themselves as responsible and environmentally conscious organizations. This can lead to improved brand reputation and increased customer loyalty.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)


Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are a popular financing option for businesses adopting solar power systems. Under a PPA, a solar developer or financier installs and maintains the solar panels on the business premises, and the company agrees to purchase the generated electricity at a predetermined rate over an agreed-upon contract period. This removes the initial expenses of procuring and setting up solar panels, rendering it a desirable choice for enterprises with restricted resources.

Solar Leases


Similar to PPAs, solar leases provide businesses with an alternative financing option. In a solar lease agreement, a third-party solar provider installs and maintains the solar for business property. The company then pays a fixed monthly lease payment, typically lower than their previous electricity bills, to the solar provider. This arrangement allows businesses to enjoy immediate energy cost savings without the burden of upfront investment.

Solar Loans

Solar loans allow companies to secure the necessary funds to purchase and install solar panels, with the loan amount typically structured to match the expected energy cost savings. Businesses can choose from various loan options, including traditional bank loans, specialized solar loans, or loans offered by the solar equipment manufacturer.

Government Incentives and Tax Credits


Federal, state, and local governments provide various incentives and tax credits to incentivize businesses to adopt solar energy. These can significantly offset commercial solar installations’ upfront costs and ongoing expenses. Examples of incentives include:

Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)Businesses can claim a federal tax credit of up to 26% of the total system cost for solar installations.

Grants and Rebates:  Some jurisdictions offer grants and rebates to businesses investing in solar energy, reducing the financial burden of adoption.

Why Choose Solar Earth INC?

When you need business solar, Solar Earth INC is the best choice. We know that you need to get a lot done quickly to save your business as much energy as possible. We promise to get you a proposal within 24 to 48 hours if you trust our team. This will get your job moving quickly.

IWe stand behind the quality of our premium commercial solar panel installation in Santa Barbara with a 25-year warranty. This gives you peace of mind and ensures that your investment will be worth it in the long run.

We’ve been in business for more than 20 years and have learned a lot that helps us give businesses of all sizes the best solar options.

We can help you switch to solar energy. Call at 805-695-8000 to get a free commercial solar installation quote for your Santa Barbara, Goleta,Lompoc,Santa Ynez Valley, Los Alamos,Santa Maria business.

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