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Installing Solar Panels On Tile Roof: What You Need to Know

Installing solar panels on tile roof is easy and saves money on energy bills. It also increases the value of your home. But there are some important things you need to know first. We’ll talk about everything in simple terms in this guide, from the pros and cons of solar panels on tile roof. 

You can use this guide whether you are new to solar or already have a tile roof. It will help you make the best choices for your house.

Can You Put Solar Panels on a Tile Roof?

Solar Panels On Tile Roof

Yes, you can install solar panels on clay tile roofs or concrete tile roofs, solar panels on tile roof method known as “inset solar installation” or “comp-out.” Installing solar panels on various roofs can be challenging, but it is a common and doable task. Here’s how it typically works:

A roofing professional will remove roof tiles before installing solar panels on tile roof, instead of drilling panels directly into the tiles. Workers place composite shingles in the removed area to serve as a base for the solar panel installation. To ensure complete waterproofing, we reinforce transitions with sheet metal, known as flashing.

Workers install the solar panels onto the composite shingles once they prepare the base. To maintain the aesthetic appearance of the roof, the area around the solar array is then filled with the previously removed clay or concrete tiles. This method allows for seamless integration of the solar panels with the existing roof, preserving its visual appeal.

Installing solar panels on tile roof may require more steps, but it ensures both functionality and appearance.

What roof types are not suitable for solar panels?

Solar panels can go on different roofs like asphalt shingles, tile roofs, and metal roofs. However, wood and slate roofs are less compatible with solar panels.

Wood and slate roofs pose challenges for solar panel installation because of their brittle nature. These materials can make it difficult for installers to maneuver around the roof and securely mount solar panels. Additionally, wooden roofs present a fire hazard, which further complicates the installation process.

Solar panels can be put on wood and slate roofs, but it’s harder and more expensive than with other roofing materials. Therefore, homeowners with wood or slate roofs may need to consider additional factors before proceeding with solar panel installation.

What Benefits Do Solar Panels add to Your Home?

The primary benefits of installing home solar panels include saving on energy bills and boosting your home’s value. In some cases, solar panels can even eliminate your energy expenses.

You won’t have to pay for power again until your monthly energy consumption surpasses the amount of energy your solar panels can generate, once you’ve made the initial investment in buying and installing them. By installing a properly sized solar panel system and taking steps to reduce your energy consumption, you can save a significant amount of money. You might even earn money from excess energy production!

Moreover, installing solar panels can enhance your home’s value. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory says that solar panels raise the value of a home by $20 for every dollar they save on power bills. Additionally, homes with solar panels tend to sell for about four percent more than those without them, according to Zillow. If you’re considering selling your home or investing in property, keep in mind that homes with solar panels typically sell 20 percent faster than those without them.

What’s More?

Installing solar panels can lead to a decrease in your overall carbon footprint. Additionally, depending on your location, your local utility company might buy any excess energy generated by your home’s panels. Moreover, you could qualify for the Solar Investment Tax Credit. You may also be able to get a state tax credit for solar panels.

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