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Tips to Keep Your Commercial Solar
Operating at Peak Efficiency

Worldwide Businesses are turning to commercial solar panels for good reasons. Solar panel efficiency has significantly improved, and there’s growing pressure to embrace renewable energy to cut down on carbon emissions, with governments aiming for net-zero targets.

While many businesses invest heavily in commercial Solar Panels, some neglect their maintenance. This oversight leads to reduced electricity output, affecting the business’s bottom line. But don’t worry, there are practical steps businesses can take to maximize their solar panels efficiency. Here are 5 effective ways to ensure your commercial solar panels perform at their best, delivering optimal electricity output.

5 Most Effective Tips to Make Commercial Solar Operating at Peak Efficiency

Commercial Solar Panels Cost

Buy High-Efficiency Solar Panel Models

Solar panels are made of photovoltaic cells, and these cells work by converting solar energy cells into electricity. But here’s the thing – they can only turn some solar energy into electricity.
The efficiency of a solar panel tells us how much of the sunlight it gets can be turned into electricity by those photovoltaic cells.
There have been significant improvements in solar cell technology in the last five years. The average efficiency of these cells has gone up from around 15% to about 20%. But not all solar panels are the same. The efficiency and also the price, depend on what they’re made of and how they’re built.
Even though the more efficient solar panels cost more upfront, it’s probably the best thing to do if you want the best results from your solar panel setup.

Buy High Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) Cells Solar Panels

Concentrated Photovoltaics (CPV) is to concentrate sunlight onto a highly efficient solar cell, which would otherwise be too costly to use directly. Traditional solar panels typically max out at 22% efficiency, while CPV panels can achieve an impressive 46% efficiency!
However, this high efficiency comes with a hefty price tag. CPV panels can be up to four times more expensive than traditional photovoltaic (PV) panels.
There are fewer models available in terms of CPV compared to PV panels. But, if you can find a supplier like Solar Earth INC and have the budget to cover the initial costs, exploring CPV technology is worth it. The exceptional efficiency it offers could lead to significant long-term benefits.

Avoid Installing Solar Panels Under Shaded Areas

Solar panels generate electricity from solar energy, and sunlight is their lifeline for generating electricity. That’s why it’s logical that shade can significantly reduce their output. However, many people might need to realize how shade affects a series of solar panels.
Even if just one tiny part of a solar panel is shaded, it can affect the energy produced by the neighboring cells. This happens because the shaded part acts like a roadblock, hindering the flow of electricity.
The main culprits causing shading issues are tall trees and nearby buildings. During the planning phase, assessing the site is crucial to ensure shade won’t be a problem. This proactive approach can save you a lot of energy-related headaches down the line.

Get Professional Solar Panels Installer for Installation 

Proper installation is a crucial factor in maximizing solar panel efficiency. Solar panels must be installed correctly to receive the ideal amount of sunlight, leading to decreased electricity production.
Two factors during installation are orientation and angle. Solar panels should be angled between 18 to 36 degrees for optimal sunlight exposure. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, point them south; if you’re in the southern hemisphere, face them north.
Solar panel’s efficiency is also affected by temperature. Higher temperatures can reduce solar effectiveness. A sufficient gap should be left between the solar panels and the roof to prevent overheating, allowing air to circulate freely.
If all of this information is new to you, looking for a professional solar installer in your area is wise. Their expertise ensures your solar panels are set up correctly so you can benefit from your investment.

Regularly Clean your Solar Panels

Solar panels are pretty low-maintenance because they don’t have any moving parts. However, keeping them clean is important to ensure optimal performance, as dust and dirt can accumulate on the surface, reducing their efficiency.

How often you should clean your solar panels depends on factors like how often it rains and the cleaning costs involved. Dust and dirt might cause a minor 5% decline in output over a year. However, in areas with infrequent rainfall, the fall can exceed 20% if the panels get very dirty. Therefore, cleaning your solar panels once a year is a smart move to maintain their efficiency and maximize their energy production.

Commercial Solar Panels Production

The energy produced by a commercial solar panels are typically more than the residential solar panels. The maximum energy produced by a residential solar panel is 8kW. In contrast, the energy produced by solar panels for commercial buildings is often in megawatts. This shows that there is a substantial difference between the two. Commercial solar power is there two fulfill greater needs and for this reason, it can provide more energy.

A commercial solar system is named ‘distributed generation.’ The reason behind it is the use of energy that is possible near the facility. It is usually connected to the local grid or the grid of the company. Depending on the size of the commercial setting, the size of the solar panels varies. It is of great benefit to business owners because of the one-time spending on energy needs.

Commercial solar energy doesn’t require you to work on spending on the energy needs time and again. Instead, one-time spending will bring you perks that are not possible in the spending that you make on the conventional methods of energy supply.

Advantages of Commercial Solar Panels

There are a lot of advantages to commercial solar installation. It will help you with a lot of savings and bringing you revenue than you could have expected earlier. The ROI in commercial solar energy is earlier than expected and will help the investor with earning better. 

It reduces the operating costs, and the investor won’t have to spend on many unimportant jobs. This also leads to the enhancement of your property value because of the availability of energy resources. You can sell your property more easily if you have a solar energy production unit there. It also helps with tax credits and another spending that you make. Installation of solar panels for energy production will help you with it. You will feel more comfortable in this regard. The affordability of solar products makes it a much better alternative in comparison to traditional methods. 

If you are running a brand, then it will improve the image of your brand. Being environmental-friendly will add to the value of your brand. It is a support to the local economy because it saves the costs that are spent on the production of energy.

How Does a Solar System Work?

Many of us don’t think that solar energy work for commercial purposes. But this is not the case, it can be used for commercial purposes. Here are some tips that will help you with solar energy production. 

The biggest tip that will lead you towards solar energy installation is long-term savings. In contrast to short-term savings, long-term savings are more beneficial in commercial solar installation. It will save your funds and you will be able to spend well on other expenses.

It helps with the sustainability goals, and you comprehend well how you will be able to contribute. Going green is the best solution and it can be used not only for personal development but for collective development as well. It is a source of renewable energy that can be used without any possible chances of backfiring.

The design of the solar installation is also helpful in the enhancement of the appearance of your property. Your property looks attractive and well-furnished. You should consider if it conforms to the legal needs of your state. If this is not conforming to those laws, you might be fined. Therefore, you should be careful about design.

The design of the solar installation is also helpful in the enhancement of the appearance of your property. Your property looks attractive and well-furnished. You should consider if it conforms to the legal needs of your state. If this is not conforming to those laws, you might be fined. Therefore, you should be careful about design.

The Final Word

Installation of commercial solar power is of great benefit to your business. All that it needs is to be heedful to the design and prerequisites. for more information about commercial solar panel visit Solar Eart Inc today on call us @(805)691-8000 to get a freee quote.

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