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Time Required to Install Solar Panels and Recover the Investment

People install solar panels to ensure that their money is invested in the right place. The main question is how long does it take and when does this recovery begin. Let’s have an insight into the whole process.

Solar Panels: A Need and a Legit Investment

Before going for questions like how to install solar panels, we must try to know what are the benefits of solar panels installation and how much they return back our investment. Once you decide on the installation of solar panels, you are eager to know about the whole process involved in the installation and later the reaping of the fruits of the toils.

How do you install solar panels?

Not an easy question, it is a slow process. Switching from local electricity production to solar panels is a bold step and it takes time to install them. Take your decisions prudently and wait patiently for the results. One doesn’t have to be in a hurry to have good results from solar installations.

Solar panels installation is a long process that needs expertise and patience because it is not just bringing the panels and installing them. The whole process involves an analysis of the site, the feasibility of installation, and many other factors. How to install solar panels step by step is what is requisite in the whole procedure.

Solar panel installation is a big investment, and it needs you to think a lot and research the process. How to install solar panels, where to install solar panels, what should be the orientation, and when to make them operational, there is a myriad of questions like this. This is not a useless investment and like any other investment, you want to get the maximum profits out.

Steps in the Process Install Solar Panels

Solar panels installation is not a single-step process, so the answer to the ‘how long does it take’ question can be determined by having a bird’s eye view of the whole process. This process involves steps like assessment, permitting, designing the system, installation, inspection of the whole utility, etc. Let’s explore it together.

1. Site Assessment

The very first step in solar panel installation is site assessment. How long does it take to install solar panels? A seemingly easy answer is a few steps. But the very first of it, site assessment, takes about one to two weeks. Once you hire a company for the installation, their professionals will arrive on-site and have a look at the site for feasibility. Once it is assessed and approved, you will proceed to the next step which is local permitting. During the assessment, the company checks if your site is fine for solar panels installation and will it be of any use in your case.

Your roof and home construction will be checked to ensure that it is safe to install solar panels on your roof. Another thing they will determine would be how to install solar panels, i.e., their arrangement and orientation. The professionals will take measurements and confirm that there are no obstructions.

2. local Permitting

How to install solar panels on the roof yourself? It isn’t that easy, before doing that you have to seek permission from authorities for installations. Like any construction project, your local authorities will give you the right permissions for the installation of solar panels. Both govt. and homeowners’ authorities will look into the project and will give you permission to proceed with it.

The time varies based on the efficiency of these two authorities. The permits you will likely need are a general electric permit, a construction permit, and a photovoltaic permit. This takes about three to six weeks.

3. Solar System Design

An important step in the solar panel installation process is the design of the solar system. It depends upon the type of mountings and solar panels you will install. You have to contact your contractor and they will order the requisites if they don’t have them in stock. This step usually takes one to two weeks if there isn’t any undue delay.

If there is some equipment that comes from overseas, then you will have to wait for its arrival. Before the installation, the design will be checked for feasibility and then after approval, it will be installed. You can continue this step in tandem with the previous step and that will save you time.

4. The Installation

Which is the first step in building a solar system? The first tangible step can be called the installation where you see progress on the ground. It doesn’t take much time as the previous steps and can be completed in one or two days, depending on the size of the installation. 

Most people ask solar installation companies: how do you install solar panels? The answer is simple. The professionals arrive at your house, unpack the equipment, and will start working on the installation. Usually, small projects of installation are completed in a day. In the case of relatively bigger projects, the time required is more, like a few days. Once this step is completed, there is less left to be worried about.

5. Inspection

An important step in the solar panel installation process is inspection. The local inspector arrives to check if the solar panels have been installed correctly. Before that, you can not make your system operational. Once you get permission after the inspection, you can begin to make use of the solar installation.

Though this seems irritating for the user, it is done to ensure their safety. It may take about one week.

6. Utility Connection

The final step is to file an application with a local utility company to make use of the energy produced. You can connect your system with theirs and they will determine the energy production with a meter to pay for your contribution. This step takes about two weeks, related blog click here

Steps for Homeowners Who Do it Themselves

The important thing for homeowners is ‘‘how do you install solar panels?’’ Once they are done with the whole process, they can work on the last step mentioned above. On the other hand you must know about photovoltaic vs solar panels differnce and what to choose. If you don’t want to connect to the local system, you can determine the usage of energy before and after installation and look into your savings.

You should estimate the total costs and then check how much your solar panels are paying back on a monthly or bimonthly basis. Benefits and costs should be compared which will show how much you have saved.

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