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Top 7 Parts of Solar Panel

Before knowing about parts of solar panel we shortly need to know what is solar panel and how it works, it is a form of renewable source of energy that has shifted our dependence on a healthy lifestyle from non-renewable sources of energy. Solar energy is the energy that comes from the sun. Solar panels capture the sunlight that is converted into electricity for productivity. Installing solar panel systems commercially or in your residential home is beneficial and cost-effective nowadays.  

Solar Earth INC. offers you the best solar panel system installation at affordable prices and in reliable and friendly ways. There are three main types of solar panel systems that are used within the solar industry  

  1. Monocrystalline solar panel  
  2. Polycrystalline solar panels  
  3. Thin-film(amorphous) solar panels  

Monocrystalline solar panels tend to be more efficient in warm weather as compared to the other form of solar panels. Solar panel system performance suffers when the temperature goes down or cloudy weather is there. Monocrystalline solar panels perform better in heat areas and have the longest life projections.  

A solar panel system has different parts that form a complete system for your residential or commercial purposes. The major parts here include:  

  • 1.Solar glasses  
  • 2. EVA  
  • 3. Back sheets  
  • 4. Aluminum frames  
  • 5. Junk box  
  • 6. Interconnector  
  • 7. Silicone glue  

Solar Earth INC. understands all these kinds of solar panel systems and provides better services in every regard of the part of the solar system.  

Parts Of Solar Panel, And What They Do?

A few years ago, the primary source of energy was coal, wood, etc. and renewable energy was a secondary source of energy. Hydropower and wind power have uplifted the game and those nondegradable forms of energy started demolishing. Solar energy is free and green energy which gets the sunlight for free and converts it into electricity by protecting the environment as well.  

Parts of a solar panel have different functions that they need to perform to ultimately produce the best of the services. Parts of a solar panel and their functions are the following:  

Solar Panel Parts List

  • Solar cells:   

These are the building blocks of the solar panels. Thousands of cells come together to form a solar panel.  

  • Solar glass:  

This is the outer layer of the solar panel and protects solar cells from harsh weather.  

  • EVA:  

The ‘ethylene vinyl acetate is a laminated layering on the top of the cell to hold them together  

  • Back Sheet:  

It forms a rare host layer of the panel providing both mechanical protection as well as electrical insulation.  

  • Aluminum frame:  

It is a crucial component as it provides structural strength to the panel but it is a lightweight material.  

  • Junction box:  

It is the backside of the panel and this is the central point where cables interconnect with the panels.  

  • Interconnector:  

This helps the solar panels to connect and should be extremely weather-resistant to enable secure connections.  

  • Silicone glue:  

It is most commonly used in solar panels and creates a strong bond and is resistant to chemical moisture and other weather conditions. 

Parts Of Solar Panel

Common Parts Of Solar Panel Involved

Solar panels have made our lives much easier. Solar panel manufacturers are vertically integrated which means one company supplies and manufactures all of the main components including the silicon ingots and wafers. However, many other manufacturers assemble the solar parts of solar panels using externally sourced parts including the cells, polymer back sheet, and Eva materials.  

The component they are going to choose is not known sometimes and they do not always have control over the quality of the product. Because of this reason, you should be sure about the best suppliers available to you. Every common part of the solar system involved has its unique function and works collectively with each other.  

Solar PV cells convert sunlight directly into DC electrical energy. The performance is determined by the cell type and characteristics of the silicon used in the type of solar PV cells. The two main types of silicon can be crystalline and polycrystalline silicon. The front glass then acts as a protective layer for the PV cells in any weather conditions. The glasses are almost 3 to 4 millimeters thick and it’s designed to resist mechanical loads and extreme temperature changes.  

Aluminum foil plays a critical role in protecting the edge of the laminated selections. While the back sheet is a rare most common solar panel sheet that acts as a moisturized barrier to prevent any external damage. Junction boxes and connectors are the important central point where all the cells are interconnected for better working.  

A typical silicon crystalline solar panel will generate enough energy to repay within two years of installation

Different Parts of Solar Panel

The solar panel is the way to the future. It is a renewable form of energy that provides Free electricity from solar power and great incentives in the form of a 26% tax credit from the government. It also leaves an incredible environmental impact. The main parts of solar panel are essential to form a better solar panel system.  

The four basic components of a solar power plant include  

  1. The basic part of solar panel  
  2. Charger controller  
  3. Inverter  
  4. Battery bank  

Solar panels are the most visible element of your system that is the face of the system. If you decide what kind of solar panels you’re going to choose for your house you pay for what you decide to install for your home or business. Though the savings of purchasing a budget panel may seem appealing in the short term however it will showcase the worst performance over time.  

A solar panel system incurs a huge investment and hence it should be advertised to invest only in the best quality. Solar panel systems come with a warranty of 25 years and hence it is important to check the quality and have knowledge about every component that goes into making the solar panel system. Buyers should be aware of the different parts that are used in the making and their functions and how they work and should not be fooled by buying substandard components. 

Spare Parts of Solar Panel

Each solar panel has about 80% of the crystalline silicon that can be recovered through the refined and proper recycling process. There are many spare parts of the solar panel that can go through the recycling process including electric junction boxes, glass and plastics, aluminum frames, and brackets. Recycling not only helps the healthy environment but also helps us to get the spare parts in the hour of need.  

These spare parts of solar panel are available in the market at different prices depending upon the solar panel component manufacturers. You can get the first-hand spare parts of solar panel from the market easily, however sometimes you have to buy second hand spare parts to ensure that your solar system works properly and without collapsing your roof as well.  

Solar Earth INC. is a family-owned company that has been providing its services in Santa Barbara for more than a decade now ,and known for their great portfolio and reliable services in the market. Our customer satisfaction is our priority. Whenever we supply spare parts of solar panels, our technicians ensure that the parts are properly adequate and reliable. 

Solar Panel Parts List

Understanding the product and components of the solar energy system helps you have a better overview. It tells you that proper functioning is important. A potential solar power system owner takes time to understand what summarizes a photovoltaic array and how different components work together to produce electricity for energy needs.  

Each part of the solar panel is unique in its size and structure therefore the application of photovoltaic arrays is different from one another. A photovoltaic system can be used on a rooftop or ground-mounted system to generate energy for a residence or building. The standard residential or commercial solar system consists of parts of solar panel such as  

  • ✔Solar panels  

  • ✔Inverters  

  • ✔Wiring   

  • ✔Racking and mounting  

  • ✔DC or AC disconnect  

Some systems have additional components added to the core set of the solar panel system such as :

  • ✔Charge controller  

  • ✔Batteries  

  • ✔Balance of systems  

These are used as additional items and are usually used off-grid. Solar panels are usually made up of solar cells, framing, and glass and they work by collecting and harnessing the energy from the sun and converting it to the form of electricity for standard electrical devices inside the home or building.  

Solar energy helps us to reduce our electricity expenses to acceptable levels and helps us to save the environment in a better way. Being an owner of a solar panel system, it should be your firm responsibility to accept the best for yourself as well as for your environment and make sure that each solar panel part is inserted to form a better solar panel system to protect your house or building.  

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Do All Parts of Solar Panel Require Maintenance?

Every part of solar panels requires maintenance just like the solar panel systems maintenance. It will ensure better productivity during the lifespan of solar panels and will prevent them from corrosion.

Are 2nd Hand Solar Panels Worth The Investment?

Solar Earth INC. offers second-hand solar panels in reliable conditions. You can only get the best second hand solar panels if you purchase from a respectable company that does not neglect the priority of its customers.