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Solar Financial Considerations

Considering transforming to solar power in California? With increasing blackouts due to extreme weather and wildfire risks, relying solely on grid power sources isn’t ideal. Moreover, rising electric bills are burdening many households. However, there’s a solution solar energy combined with battery storage.

California, blessed with ample sunshine and supportive clean energy policies, leads the nation in solar installations. This trend is only gaining momentum as more households adopt solar panels coupled with battery storage in case of grid failures or power outage.

Investing in solar panels and batteries is a smart choice for Californians. Various solar financing options, such as solar leasing and financing plans, make it accessible without hefty upfront costs. Whether you prefer the flexibility of a solar lease or power purchase agreement, or the ownership benefits of purchasing or financing a solar system, there are options available to suit your needs and budget.

  • Innovation Solar Loans.
  • Finance available at low low rates.
  • Solar finance available to Customers with less than perfect credit.
  • Monthly payments usually less than your current electricity bill that will never go up in price, unlike your escalating utility bill.
  • Option of paying your 26% tax credit off the principle, thus lowering your monthly payments..

Financially Sensible and Environmentally Responsible

Solar Financial Considerations

Owning your own Solar System makes so much financial sense. Free Electricity from Sun Power, great incentive from The Government (30% Tax Credit), pay back period is just a few years. Finance payments are less than your current Electric Bills from either PG&E or Southern California Edison.

How It Works

Solar Earth Inc will design a system that is right for your site and energy needs, Solar Earth will provide a link to your personalized Solar Savings Plan. Use the Solar Savings Plan, to see if the system designed for your site makes good financial sense for you.

Get Approved

Click the “Apply Now” button in the Solar Savings Plan, to enter the secured, online credit portal. The brief application will take less than five minutes to complete and you’ll be notified of the decision on the spot.

Install It

Solar Earth Inc will file for all permits, order equipment, install the system and organize all inspections.

Pay Back

You will begin using your solar energy savings to make fixed monthly payments on your loan shortly after your system is put into service. Prepay your loan at any time with no penalty.

Solar Earth has made it possible for every one to enjoy the benefits of going Solar. You do not need to have any equity in your home to qualify for our financing. We use the solar equipment, not your home, as the collateral for your financing.

We do not offer Leasing like Solar City, or SunRun, as we firmly believe that ownership is the best option. Disadvantages with leasing are, locked in for twenty years, monthly payments increases annually, many times as much as 3% The leasing Company receives your State and Federal 30% Tax Credits,. If you decide to sell your house, it could drop out of Escrow if indeed the new owner does not want to take over the lease, plus, after twenty years, The Leasing Company has the legal right to remove your Solar System.

The value we offer is unmatched, providing highly attractive price points without sacrificing materials, labor and individualized service.