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5 Common Solar Issues with Expert Repair Solutions

We use a lot of home and work electronics that need to be cleaned and fixed up. We already have a lot on our plates, and no one wants to add another system that needs care and attention. The good news is that solar panels can be repaired and easy to maintain and doesn’t require much attention.

There are times, though, when a solar setup must be fixed. Good news: a lot of common solar panel repair and maintenance issues should be covered by a warranty on either the work of the installer or the equipment itself. That means you won’t have to pay if something goes wrong.

A broken or cracked solar panel can reduce the efficiency of your solar system and increase your home’s energy bill. To give you an idea of what to expect, we asked our team of service technicians what the most common problems are with solar maintenance. Many service calls for commercial solar, residential, and utility-scale solar panel systems led them to this short list of five usual problems.

The Common Maintenance Issues For Solar Arrays


1. Installation Issues

Most solar panel installers are skilled and determined to do a good job. Things can go wrong, though, no matter how experienced they are. They are usually easy to fix, like loose terminals, pinched wires, and leak ducts.
During fitting, the clamps that hold the wires together, called terminals and lugs, may not be tightened enough. A repair crew can figure out what’s wrong and make things tighter.

Damage to the wires during installation or when they are not managed properly can cause them to get pinched.

In the same way, conduits (the tubes that hold lines between pieces of equipment) can leak, whether because of a gap in the fitting or a bad repair. A trained service expert can find the broken part and fix or replace it.

It would help if you didn’t have to deal with these mistakes made by the developer. It’s best to let the experts handle them because doing them yourself could hurt the system or, more importantly, you.

These problems should be resolved by hiring an installation company with a strong quality guarantee. A ten-year warranty on the work we do on our equipment is part of our Triple Ten Warranty at Paradise Energy.


2. Solar Inverter Problem

You and your solar installer should choose tools for your array that you can trust. But problems can happen with even the best transformers and panels from the best brands.

The part that is most likely to break is also the one that works the hardest: the generator. Your panels make DC electricity, which your devices need. Inverters work with your panels and change the DC energy into AC electricity.

Different makers and product lines will have different inverter problems. However, it’s good to know that most inverter makers offer warranties that last at least ten years. This will keep your investment safe from problems caused by the making process.

These high-tech pieces of gear may also need software and firmware updates on a frequent basis. Occasionally, a maker will put out an update that fixes common problems remotely. In other situations, you might need help from a solar professional to figure out what’s wrong.

3. Communication Issues

Most solar systems today and in the last few years need a reliable internet link. You don’t need the internet to make power from the sun, but you do need it to monitor your system.

Inverters are linked to the internet, so they can share how much energy your system makes and let you know when something goes wrong. If there are problems with this link, you might have some problems. Also, your inverter must be connected to the internet to get automatic software changes.

When communication fails, it’s usually because a wire is unplugged, a new or broken router, or a switch to a different internet service. If you’ve checked that all the wires are plugged in, turned the internet devices back on, and ensured that any new devices are set up and connected correctly, it might be time to call a solar repair team for help.

4. Ground & Arc Faults

Arc Fault Damage Faults come in two types: ground and ARC faults. Often, broken lines are to blame for faults when electricity goes to the ground by accident. An ARC fault is called an arc fault when wiring links are loose or corroded and make intermittent contact.

Both of them are bad for your health and could be dangerous. Many inverters have protection against arc faults and ground faults, which means they turn off immediately if one is found. This could help keep things safe until a professional can fix the problem.

If something is wrong with the electricity, you shouldn’t try to fix it yourself. You should hire an experienced solar technician with the proper training and safety gear to do the job safely.


5. Rodent or Squirrel Damage

Animals in the area might decide that your solar system is a good place to build a nest, or they could chew on the lines and cause problems. You can either love or hate them, but this behavior can hurt your solar array by causing faults and a loss of link.
A qualified solar installer can find This kind of damage on your system. They will find any wires that are broken and fix or replace them.

If this continues, they can build a low-profile fence around the solar system. This cage-like structure is made of thin but strong metal. It’s strong enough to keep curious animals out but not too obvious, so it doesn’t stand out from your current system.

It’s best to get a professional solar technician to look at and fix the problem, even if you’re pretty handy. The broken lines could cause shocks.

Can a Solar Panel be Repaired?


Solar panel repairs can be tricky but can be done quickly with the right tools and knowledge. It is important to consider each part of a solar panel system when checking or fixing it.

It is important to make sure that the system works before making any repairs. To do this, you can measure how much solar power is being produced and compare it to what was predicted. If there are any problems, the parts of solar panel system need to be checked out.

Choosing The Right Solar Maintenance Team


If there are problems with your solar system, it may produce less energy or not at all. Every day that your system could be at its best, you lose money and power.

The right solar maintenance team will have the tools and knowledge to figure out what’s wrong and fix it quickly. Solar Earth Inc. Solar Energy Contractors has a team of certified solar maintenance pros who can return your system to making free energy.

We want to help you if your solar system in the Mid-Atlantic area needs to be fixed at its best. Our solar repair team is here to help you with one-time problems.